3 Things You Need In Your Daily Routine

Happy Monday from Amherst and Happy First Day of Classes! Instead of a Week In The Life I decided to compose another article since the last week was very boring and lowkey consisting of relaxing, working out, and packing.

These are the three life changing things that I have implemented into my daily routine that have bettered my mental and physical health. I’m a creature of habit (also a Virgo) and I thrive off of routine and stability. Therefore, I tend to revert back to the same things and the same routine that I know I enjoy. I’ve started to do these three things every day (or almost every day) and I have noticed positive changes!

The first one is a somewhat obvious one if you know me or have been keeping up with the blog. I try to read a little bit every single day- even if it’s just ten pages. Sometimes, I have a difficult time putting the books down. But, other times I struggle to find the time in the day to read. I usually try to read at night on the busier days. It helps me to put my phone down and unwind before falling asleep. Reading is so good for your mind and soul. It’s healthy to exercise the brain every day and there are SO many amazing things out there to read! You can escape into a fiction book or you can learn more about a topic of your interest with a nonfiction book. I like alternating between fiction (I love realistic fiction and beachy romance novels) and nonfiction (I love biographies and American history). Reading can take your mind off of the stress of daily life and give you a break from school work or regular work. There’s a book out there for everyone!

As for my self and skin care daily routine I’ve become obsessed with my ice roller. I put it in the freezer every morning and at night after I’ve washed my face- I just roll it all over. Ice rollers aid in puffy skin, redness, they stimulate blood circulation, and it just feels soothing and calming. Since ice rolling, I have also noticed a bit of a difference in my face on a daily basis. 

Foam rolling is absolutely amazing for athletes, fitness fanatics, or legit anyone of any age or any range of activity level. I’ll admit I haven’t kept the best record of foam rolling or stretching after exercising. But, since I’ve started to do more yoga and stretch work I have found that rolling out has even further helped my flexibility and helped injury prevention. I often have back pain after field hockey or working out but rolling out has helped alleviate some of that pain. It depends on preference, but I prefer to roll out after I work out. Many people prefer rolling out before they workout, when they first wake up, or before they go to bed! It’s all up to you and your preferences! But by rolling out once a day or even at least four times a week you will notice positive changes in the way your body feels on a daily basis. This can help you become more flexible or be able to work out more because you are in less pain!

The best way to change is to focus on one day at a time! That’s how I’ve really been trying to establish a healthier and happier lifestyle by focusing on the task at hand and the day I’m currently living. Obviously, it can be so hard not to look into the future and start thinking ahead or start worrying about what’s happening tomorrow or later in the week. But, I feel good when I do my healthy habits for the day and know that if I can do them one day at a time- I will make progress and see the results I would like to see. My mental and physical health are very important to me and my wellbeing! 

I hope y’all are all doing well and really focusing on what matters to you! The only person you ever have to worry about pleasing is yourself. Make sure you put your time and energy into what serves you and what’s meaningful to you! So much love!!




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