2023- A Year To Focus On Me

I am finally returning from my blogging hiatus after a hectic and scattered December. When I started drafting new ideas and new content for the new year, it reminded me of why I started this blog just about a year ago. Last January, I started this blog to track my self care progress and journey and to fulfill one of my life-long passions, writing. This is my favorite space to express myself and write about the things I love and that mean something to me. 

Let’s just start off by saying 2021 had NOT been my year. I literally ended that year on rock bottom with such a lack of love for life. Not to quote All Too Well, but I missed my old self and I was still trying to find it. I had gained weight that I wasn’t holding well and truly I wasn’t holding anything in my life well. So I made it my 2022 goal to start a self care blog and focus on my mental health, my physical health, and doing things that positively served me and made myself happy, so I could go back to the way I used to feel. 

2022 may have been one of my favorite years of my life. I’m not gonna sit here typing behind my computer and say that every single day was perfect, no tears were shed, and that my anxiety washed away like sand on the shore. But, I will say, I returned to so many things I love like reading and working out to make myself feel good- not to look a certain way. I made some of my best friends at college (some of whom I’ll be living with next year!!) and started joining other groups on campus like Women in Business. By going to therapy more often and learning new techniques to deal with my anxiety, I learned different skills that I can implement into my daily life. Even when things don’t go as planned, I practiced how to take things with grace and make the best of things. In 2022, I met my amazing boyfriend Jack, which helped me learn that our relationship is so healthy because I learned how to love myself first (I know I know- I am SO basic for saying this, but it’s really true) and that a relationship is supposed to be easy and happy and not a constant upwards battle. Throughout the year I learned more about myself and found more things that I never thought I would enjoy, but I do. I was able to travel to new places like South Carolina, Iowa, and New York. 

I plan on moving into 2023 with the exact same mindset and way of living. Every single day that I wake up and put two feet on the ground is a good day. Things may not go according to my plan, but maybe that is God’s plan and to trust my divine path. I will only bring things into my life that serve me and my goals positively. Each day, I will strive to be productive and also happy. Mental health is no joke and the path isn’t linear, but when you focus on one day at a time the good gets better and the better gets best (I mean maybe not best, but things just keep on getting better). 

However, for some goals, I plan on working on my cleanliness. I will probably be writing that goal for the next 25 years. It’s not that I don’t want to be clean, but life always tends to get away from me. Another goal I have set for myself is to walk, run, and spin 365 miles this year (1 mile per day walking, running, or biking/spinning). Finally, I would like to stay consistent with my blogging (2-3x a week) and my reading (at least a chapter a day). 

Setting goals can be a challenge for many people because as humans we tend to look at the bigger picture instead of focusing on the moment at hand. When setting goals, I recommend taking it one day at a time and the goal will fall into place. Whatever it is you manifest for yourself this year- I’m in your corner manifesting it and sending you lots of love!!




3 responses to “2023- A Year To Focus On Me”

  1. All the best for 2023! You have a great blog, I am looking forward to reading more.


    1. Thank you so much! Wishing you all the best in return! Have an amazing Wednesday!


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