August 2022 Goals

Summer is coming to a close and preseason begins soon! Almost time to officially move back to Amherst and begin the fall semester of sophomore year. At the beginning of the summer I wrote about three broad summer goals- healthier eating/better fitness, improving my financial skills, and becoming cleaner. As we enter August, I decided to make some smaller more specific goals to focus on.

  1. Maintain Healthy and Performance Based Eating

As preseason begins, it is a day in and day out grind. During this period of time, I need to eat more and eat better in order to properly fuel my body for what I am putting it through each day. This is also an essential time for me to really continue to drink a lot of water, which is something that I often struggle to continue. 

  1. Track My Field Hockey Goals

I really want to utilize this time to really improve my skills and field hockey confidence. In order to do this, I plan on writing just small goals for each day (focus on my hit, focus on my defensive thinking, give it everything I have…) and then gauge how I did after practice. I also want to use this notebook to write about things that I felt like I did well so that I can read those statements again and build my own confidence. August sets me up for the rest of the season and the rest of the year, so I really want to focus on building my confidence.

  1. Read A Little Bit Everyday

Since I’ll be on campus mostly focusing on hockey, I will have some spare time to focus on myself! I always try to read a little bit each day, but often fall out of habit with it. This summer, I have purchased so many books that I would like to read.

  1. Don’t Get In My Own Head

This has to do with my field hockey and life confidence. Something I tend to do when I’m anxious or feeling down on myself or my own performance is to get stuck in my own head and speak to myself negatively. Instead of speaking negatively, I would like to reframe my thoughts into positive ones. I also would like to completely eliminate these negative thoughts, but I know that fully eliminating all of my doubts will take lots of time and mental practice. 

Overall, I am feeling way less anxious about heading back to school than I had been last year. Last year, everything was all brand new and there were lots of factors I felt that I needed to adjust myself to. I love my teammates and I cannot wait to be back with them everyday! Last semester, I really got more into Women In Business and I cannot wait for that to start up either. Family dinners, chicken parm night, studying on the 14th floor of the library, Goodwill runs, and game days!! Bring on the school year!



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