A Week In The Life 7/11/22

Happy Monday! It has been my first week back to the school/field hockey grind. Well- sort of. Luckily, my summer Nutrition class has been asynchronous meaning I don’t have any in person or online meetings, all of my work is provided on a website UMass and many other universities use called Blackboard. I am in the midst of my field hockey pre- pre season. We officially start our real preseason on August 11th, exactly a month from last Monday. I cannot believe we are already on the verge of the beginning of another season and even another August. It’s even crazier to think this will be the third August where we are blessed and able to listen to August by Taylor Swift. If you don’t gauge your time based on Taylor Swift releases- I totally get it. However, I do (sometimes I split my car rides into 4 All Too Wells Ten Minute Versions). 

Sadly, Monday was my last day in New Hampshire and my last day before starting school and field hockey. Jack and I had a really nice morning on the water and played more mancala of course before I drove home. On my drive back, I stopped at Goodwill and bought two t-shirts and a cute, light blue workout tank top. 

Tuesday morning, I took two early morning classes at the gym- core cardio and upper body strength. Then, I made the trek back to Amherst for our first team meeting. I’ll be honest the combination of the early workouts and the anxiety of getting back into everything drained my body and I ended up taking a five hour nap. I am aware that my body definitely needed some rest, but maybe not as much as I took. This reminded me of how good the quality of naps at school are though! That night, I had my first dinner back in the dining hall and I had stir fry which isn’t always the best for you, but I had missed it. I spent the rest of my night working on my Nutrition notes. 

On Wednesday, we had our first lift and run, but we didn’t start field hockey until Thursday. After the workout, I got breakfast at Worcester (one of the Umass dining halls) with some of my teammates. Worcester often has berries which the other dining halls don’t often have, so I was blessed to have blueberries and blackberries. The rest of the afternoon was quite boring, I got a membership at the recreation center and did a core workout and worked my cleans. Then, I finished my chapter 1 and 2 Nutrition notes before going to a meeting for all athletes. After the meeting, I drove to Jack’s and we got dinner at a restaurant I’m currently obsessed with in Duxbury, The Anchor, where I got my “Chipotle” bowl again. Literally. Amazing.

As I mentioned, we had our first practice on Thursday, and then I drove home. I relaxed at home (took another nap) and then walked the Rail Trail with my mom and Hunter. That night, Brooke, Bryn, and I went to Chipotle and ended up playing Uno. Uno may be tied for my favorite  game with mancala.

After practice on Friday, I enjoyed a salad, raspberries, and french onion braised chicken for lunch before returning home and sitting by my Aunt’s pool for the day. I relaxed all afternoon reading American Psycho and laying out. For dinner, I had a salmon and caprese salad from Quinn’s. Summer days where I just spend all my time in the sun and at ease are my favorite. My mom has been on a Rail Trail kick, so we took another night stroll before the sunset.

Saturday was another relaxing day filled with shopping and time with my family. I took a metabolic conditioning and a hybrid class. Then, Hunter and I did a full body strength workout and went to Brilla after where I got a sunny cake iced coffee and he had a double chocolate chip muffin. My parents and I went to lunch at Maddi’s Cookery in Worcester where I had the absolute best pasta meal I have ever had. It beat The Cheesecake Factory which was the long time placeholder for best pasta. I had chicken parm with baked ziti- and I’ll be completely honest I haven’t stopped thinking about it. We shopped around Crompton Collectives and checked out the bookstore where I got Bruce Springsteen Born To Run for only $17!! (Normally retails for around $32). I don’t think anyone fully understands my excitement about this book. There was also a $2 book section where I picked up The Complete Letters of Sigmund Freud to Wilhelm Fliess 1887-1904 by Jeffrey Masson and The True American- Murder and Mercy in Texas by Anand Giridharadas. I found psychology interesting senior year, so I thought why not. Of course, as you all know I have been very into true crime, so I also thought the Texas book would be an interesting read. We also stopped at Goodwill and TJ Maxx (haul will be linked).

I started my Sunday morning with a metabolic conditioning class and a full body strength class. Before heading to Mendon, to thrift and work on a painting project with Lizzie, I read in my hammock and finally finished American Psycho. I have now started Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen. Lizzie and I took a Saver’s trip to Woonsocket where we found tons of dorm decor! At Micheal’s we picked up paint and white decorative letters and then drop painted an H and a B for my dorm next year. (Hannah Whitson inspired by the SK letters). That night, we had a family dinner at my Aunt’s and got ice cream at Pinecroft. If you know me, you can most likely guess what I got. S’mores.

This week was very different from the last two weeks, that I had spent traveling and on the move. I was definitely at more ease when I was on a free reign of time, but settling back into a routine is perfect for my Virgo mindset. It does remind me that the summer is short and then it feels like it is coming quickly to an end, but there’s still time left! I’m blessed to have the ability to be close enough so I can come home and see my family everyday. I am really utilizing this time to do so and thanking God for the blessings I have! You should too! Love and light!!!



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Goodwill and TJ Maxx Haul 7/16/22 https://hannahlane.blog/2022/07/16/goodwill-tj-maxx-haul-7-16-22/

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