Guide To Healthy Eating

One of my three major summer goals was to improve my eating and health habits. As I’ve mentioned, fitness has always been one of my favorite hobbies, but I’ve lacked a refined diet. I believe for the goals (health, finances, and cleanliness) this summer, that my healthy eating has seen the greatest benefits. It’s a learning curve and for sure it’s way easier said than done. Cheesecake, pasta, ice cream, and bagels- believe me. I love them all. In moderation!

Moderation and the occasional cheat are essential in a balanced diet. You can have anything you want as long as you have it in moderation. For example, I love oreos, but I know myself and I know that I could truly sit down and eat a whole pack in a day. That would be an example of poor health habits. However, having four a day once in a while isn’t a negative thing. Again- wayyy easier said than done when that new pack is in front of you. The same applies for cheat meals- my all time go to- the tomato basil pasta from The Cheesecake Factory. A wicked dense and indulgent meal, that is okay once in a while and you enjoy it so much more when you only have it sometimes! 

I never knew how beneficial eating breakfast was- as simple as it is! Prior to this summer, I had been a frequent breakfast skipper or I considered sour patch watermelon and an iced coffee breakfast. Now that I have a smoothie or a green apple with almond butter before the gym every morning I am more refreshed throughout the day and I feel way less hungry after the gym. By being less hungry after my workout I am way less likely to overeat! Green smoothies or coffee peanut butter protein smoothies are my go tos! I also love avocado toast or acai bowls on mornings when I have more time. My local gym just got acai bowls and I cannot wait to try one! 

Coffee. Is. Not. A. Meal. Again, an iced coffee is not a meal. This concept is one that has seemingly gone over my head for years. Although it slows down your appetite and is the perfect morning drink- it’s not a meal.

Drink water throughout the day!! Another concept that I have never fully improved upon, but am continuing to make leaps on. Water has endless benefits from energy, to skin, to hydration, and better overall life performance. Drink water. Slay life. It’s simple. 

Greens in your diet every single day. Have at least one green meal every single day! A morning smoothie with kale and avocado. Or a leafy green salad at lunch. Broccoli with your dinner. Cucumbers with italian dressing. Celery with peanut butter. The possibilities are endless!! 

I know, believe me, I know, changing your diet can be a mountain to climb. It’s so much easier to look at someone and tell them what would be better for them to eat than to eat that yourself. However, in changing my diet and health habits in the last six months, I have lost fifteen pounds. Granted, six months ago I was in a rough state mentally and physically. But, really taking the time and consideration to make small changes for myself has made a world of difference. Take every single journey a day at a time and you will see beautiful results! Focus on you and what YOU need!!




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