April 2022 Goals/Mood board

Happy April!! Back onto the topic of goal setting and achieving I am setting my goals for the month of April. April is my last full month of classes and field hockey before summer break. 

Since it’s the last month before the semester ends, I have some school goals that I would like to focus on. Since COVID, many of my classes are recorded, so I often end up watching my lectures instead of attending them. One of my April goals is to attend all of my classes. I also want to start reviewing and preparing for finals because those will occur during the second week of May. 

As for media goals I really want to take the month of April to expand all of my media followings and usages. I have started to use Tik Tok more. (Literally addicted and could scroll for hours). Since I will be focusing a lot on school this month, I have no set reading goals. 

Finally, I would like to continue with my goal of drinking enough water everyday after practice. Furthermore for my health goals, I would like to have a full month of cleaner eating.

Wishing you all the best month of April!!!




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