Week in the Life 1/17

Welcome to my first self care weekly “journal” also known as A Week in the Life. This is where I will document my progress throughout the week with my eating and self care habits. This is to help me stay in line but to also inspire others to do the same. I always perform better with an audience and by sharing my weekly self care performance with others I will feel more driven to focus more on the habits I need to develop. This is not to say that everything I post will be perfect and only document the good. I feel that’s the issue with social media now. We all post highlight reels (I do it too- you didn’t see an Insta post of me crying over my stress for my econ exam). However these highlight reels cause us to compare ourselves to others when we aren’t even seeing the full picture. Let’s celebrate all of life’s little accomplishments and bring each other up as we do it. I believe we are products of what we produce. If you spread positivity then in return positivity will be spread to you.

This is my last week home for winter break before I return to UMass for my second semester. I plan on utilizing this week to spend time with my family, pack, and really journal and prepare my habits before I return to my school routine. Many aspects of my self care routine at home that I need to pack up and bring with me in my Vera Bradley duffel bag (as if it’s that easy to just pack the mentalities we need with us in our bag between our Converse and sweatshirts) include my skin care  routine, nightly reading, and maintaining a healthier diet. 

I started my summer job hunt. Ideally I hope to work at Lilly Pulitzer in Chatham or Mashpee for the month of June that I’ll be spending in the Cape. I also looked into a few local thrift stores. 

Another form of self care I engaged in was getting acrylics. I tend to avoid acrylics because they can be expensive to fill and I usually only get them for special events. But why not get them this week? Life is a special event!! Something I love doing is choosing my nail color based on the name. For example, before I went to Florida I did my nails with Essie’s Bikini So Teeny. Unfortunately, the acrylic options only had numbers. I went with a light slightly sparkly pink for Valentine’s day. 

Three other essentials of this week were my Pink Lily leggings, the book American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld, and the iced brown sugar shaken espresso from Starbucks. Pink Lily is one of my new favorite websites to shop from for everything from shoes to athletic leggings. These leggings (which I will link below) are comparable to the LuluLemon Align leggings. They literally feel like butter and were perfect for PR week this week at the gym. Did my squat PR come from the leggings or all the work on the leg machine? The world may never know! As I’ve mentioned, I have been trying to get back into my reading habits. This week I have been LOVING American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld; it has inspired me to read more than the 15 minutes a day I try to make myself do each night. It took me about 50 pages to truly get into this one. The 500 page novel follows the life of Alice Blackwell from her youth into her marriage to Republican president Charlie Blackwell. The only catch is that she has been a Democrat her entire life. I absolutely love Alice’s strong and independent character. (I will also put a link to this book below!) Finally, I could not have made it through this week without the iced brown sugar shaken espresso. I cannot make it through a day without coffee- so I am always open to new suggestions and new cute coffee places to check out. One day after a doctor’s appointment I had no idea what to order and it was the first thing I saw so I went for it! It’s an amazing pick me up with a strong taste of coffee but the sweetness of the brown sugar makes it taste like a morning treat. 

Let’s have another amazing week! Setting my intentions and staying motivated! February will be here soon!


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