A Week In The Life 1/16/23

    Happy Tuesday from Venice Florida! I am here for my second to last week of winter break visiting my grandma for a much needed week of rest and relaxation. Avoiding the snow and lack of power at home is also a perk!

    The last week was very cold, snowy, and icy. Three things you love to see before Christmas and hate to see anytime after February. On Monday, I had my first therapy session in a while because we took a few weeks off since I was home and busy and didn’t know what my work schedule was going to consist of. It was a great session with lots of debriefing and talking about things I need to work on or prepare for when I’m headed back to school. The rest of the day was a very chill and snowy day which set the tone for the rest of the week. I’ve been watching so much of That 70s Show on Peacock. It makes me laugh out loud, but is also mindless and I don’t need to concentrate hard on it, so I can watch it while I get ready and do makeup. 

    I started burning my Snowflake Kisses candle that I got with Jack at The Yankee Candle Factory on Tuesday. Again, Tuesday was another really chill day where I went to the gym, came home, relaxed, and took a nap.

    On Wednesday morning I slept in! Then I met Lizzie and Lilly for lunch at Nu Kitchen. It was the first time I had seen them since the semester had ended which was so fun! We started talking about returning to school, classes, and spring break. All the essentials of course. That night I took a 20/20 spin and core class which absolutely killed me, but was such an amazing workout. Then, I took a yoga class that was the perfect mix of challenging and relaxing. I am not very flexible, so I like yoga that is slow and calm enough to be enjoyable without straining my back, but also good enough so I feel like I’m getting a solid stretch and a bit of a workout. 

    More snow and ice was predicted to come in on Thursday night. In the morning, I took a hypertrophic strength class and then took a barre class at Pure Barre. It was my first time back to barre since school and I loved it! Such a fun workout that really activates your entire body. They also give you grippy socks! That night, I had dinner with Brendan, Owen, and Mattea which was very nice!

    I woke up to a pretty layer of snow on Friday morning. Clearly, I have a very on-off relationship with snow. I love when it first falls and it’s gorgeous and glistens. Once it’s slush and just makes the roads icy- I’m not a fan. That morning I had a quick biannual dentist appointment where I got my teeth cleaned. Sadly, I have to set up a consultation appointment for my wisdom teeth, so I will have to set that for some time next week. However, the morning returned back to great and good because my mom and I went to TJ Maxx, Target, and Goodwill on the “way home”. None of these three are on our way back from the dentist- but we went out of our way to stop of course. In the next week, I will need to upload a collective thrift and TJ Maxx haul! Lots of good finds- some cute Cape and Martha’s Vineyard Sweatshirts, a Johnny Cash tank, a Lilly Pulitzer mug, and more!! We did well for ourselves. I also started That 90s Show on Netflix and didn’t love it. Whenever a reboot or a spinoff show comes out, you know it’s never gonna be as good as the first or they’re going to try too hard to make it like the first. It’s also really challenging when it’s not the same cast as the first. I enjoyed the first episode when we got to see Donna, Eric, Jackie, Kelso (fav character), and Fez. Red and Kitty are in the series in every episode which is what made the show worth watching. I have yet to finish it and am not sure if I will!

    I slept in again on Saturday! My mom and I headed out to Auburn to check out another TJ Maxx out that way. Literally- starting in February I think I need a TJ Maxx cleanse- I am obsessed! But, I found a wicked cute yellow notebook for my journalism class this semester, some new Real Techniques makeup brushes, and a gummy bear lip scrub (it just sounds like it’s going to taste so good). Then we went to our neighbor’s store, The Vintage Retriever, which is wicked cute and has a ton of candles, some jewelry, home decor, cards, and artsy things. I got the cutest Bee Bella cherry chapstick which is made from real beeswax! The packaging is also so so cute!

    Sunday afternoon was my flight down to Venice! On the way to the airport we stopped at the new Brilla drive thru in town. I got my Valentine’s Day favorite, the Love Brulee. During my flight I finished Serial Killers and Psychopaths and started People We Meet On Vacation by Emily Henry. Definitely a way more up-beat and beachy read. My favorite part about the book is that the main character, Poppy, is a travel blogger! My flight landed around 7pm, a very easy flight and I had the window seat! The middle seat was also empty granting me and the woman in the aisle seat more room to spread out and not feel like we were on top of someone. There were two little and very adorable dogs on the flight! That night we stopped at Publix, we need a New England chain of Publix, and ate dinner on the lanai. So serene and so peaceful!!

 I’m looking forward to this next calm and sunny week in Florida! It will be such a good time to relax, read, shop, and reset before spring semester! I’m sending all of you some sunshine!!




2 responses to “A Week In The Life 1/16/23”

  1. Bella Mastrototoro Avatar
    Bella Mastrototoro

    Glad to hear you are having a good time. Snow is fun but also annoying sometimes. It fun when you are sledding but annoying when you are walking to class. I hope you have fun in Florida! I went there too over my winter break.
    Bella Mastrototoro

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Bella!! I love it in Florida! I hope you’re having a good semester!!


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