A Week In The Life 10/31/22

Happy Monday! It has been unnaturally warm in Massachusetts the last week and I am not complaining. The thought of listening to Christmas music while still being able to study outside with jeans and a t-shirt on is a bit unsettling though and definitely feels a little weird. Also, yes, I am a Christmas music in the beginning of November person. 

Monday was Halloween!! It already feels like that part of fall was a lifetime ago. As per usual, Monday is my day off from field hockey, so I spent the rest of my day after Operations and Information Management studying and doing work in Argo. The raspberry mocha with almond milk has still been my go-to coffee order. I did a room cleanse and switched out my Halloween decorations for my Thanksgiving ones. At UMass, the dining hall does a lobster and steak dinner for Halloween. The dining halls were absolutely packed like Black Friday before Covid. Insanity and some might say headache inducing. It was so worth it though- I’m an absolute fiend for seafood and it has been a while since I had lobster. 

Tuesday was another typical Tuesday- not very exciting. I had my International Horror class in the morning and then spent the rest of the afternoon before practice and lift doing work in Argo. (I am really hoping to work there next semester). Tuesday and Wednesday were two really good days of field hockey for me. That night, I watched Jack’s flag football game with Emma, Kelly, and Grace.

I started my morning off with an Operations and Information Management exam at 9am. It was an all multiple choice exam with 55 minutes to complete 50 questions. These exams aren’t hard, the hardest part for me is waking up in time for the class. After our exam, Jack and I went to Target and I convinced him to also go into Pet-Smart. When I was younger, my dad used to take me and for some reason I literally thought it was the coolest place on Earth. After practice, we had a team dinner in the Worcester Commonwealth Restaurant. Since Thursday was the start of A10s we did some team traditions and then had a nice meal to fuel for the 2pm game against Lock Haven.

A10 tournament play began on Thursday! I was excused from class and we started all of our warmup, meal, team talk events around 11am. We played our match against Lock Haven at 2pm and won 4-2 securing us a spot in the A10 championship on Saturday. My dad came to the game, so we got coffee and got a meal at Hamp afterwards. 

Friday was another chill day with a short practice and recovery session at 12:30, team lunch afterwards, and another team dinner that night. I spent most of the day chilling and finishing up some work. Around 4, I took an amazing spin and body class at the rec center. 

On Saturday we faced Saint Joseph’s in the A10 Championship and sadly lost 0-3 which ended our season. It felt like the season flew by even considering the fact that we began in July. There are many ups and downs all throughout the season that make the break from all of it nice. The break grants me more time to try different classes at the rec center (Taylor Swift Eras Pilates tomorrow with Natalie- I am literally so so excited), spend more time studying and doing work, and spend more time thrifting and doing fun things with my friends. We start up again with more field hockey in the spring after the winter vacation.

Sunday was a wicked chill day- the epitome of a Sunday. Jack and I got coffee in the morning. I made him try the new Cookie Butter Cold Brew from Dunkin’. Then we had some lunch at the dining hall. Surprisingly, Berk had tiramisu which I’ve never noticed them have before. It wasn’t nearly as good as I wanted it to be which I don’t know if that’s because I just don’t like tiramisu itself or if I just didn’t like theirs. 

As we move into the next week of November, I plan on sticking to my monthly goals. I’m also trying to try as many different fitness classes at the Rec Center as possible. Spin is such a classic, but I have spin at my gym at home and the Peloton at home, so I wanna try classes that aren’t offered where I workout at home. That’s why I’m trying pilates tomorrow. (And because it’s Taylor duh). My other classes I’m hoping to fit in this month are barre, yin yoga, power yoga, country spin, and acro yoga. I’m also trying to utilize my time by spending more hours at a time doing work, instead of doing a little bit each day, but doing more at once. Reading of course. I think I am going to post an updated reading list soon! I hope you’re all thriving and slaying and listening to Midnights on repeat. 




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