7 College Essentials

It’s almost fall and back to school season! Pumpkin is already back at Dunkin’ so you know we are already on the way there. I am currently counting down the days until the pumpkin cream cold brew returns to Starbucks (August 30th!). Less than ten days people! However, before I fully move out of summer content, I thought I would help y’all with must needs for college move- in. Every university is different, but here’s what I concluded from my first year at UMass Amherst.

  1. Self Care/Health Kit

I’ll single handedly admit I spent pretty much the entire year sick. Literally, I caught everything that could spread- swollen lymph nodes, the longest contagious cold, bronchitis, the stomach bug, the flu… you name it, UHS probably told me I had it. It’s very common for sickness to spread in the dorms because of all of the close contact and shared commodities. Here’s a list of some of the things I wish I had with me last year. A thermometer(I again will admit I’m a hypochondriac so I do like to check my temperature daily… you know… just in case), lozenges (you WILL eventually get a sore throat), advil, emergence, tissues, melatonin, tums, and a cold compress. I would recommend just keeping a small bin or basket with all the sickness essentials that you see fit. 

  1. A Fan or Multiple

Unfortunately, at UMass the only dorms with air conditioning are the honors college dorms. Obviously, weather and AC conditions are different from university to university. However, in the beginning of the year and the end of the year, it gets HOT in the dorms. Sometimes, being too hot when I try to sleep keeps me awake. If you don’t do well in sweltering heat, get yourself a nice fan.

  1. Shower Shoes

One thing I will not miss when I eventually move off campus will be shared bathrooms. Respectfully, despite being cleaned everyday, they still end up gross, and at the end of the day are shared by many students. I recommend a pair of flip flops for the shower.

  1. Steamer

This is coming from a girl who works in fashion- so y’all know I love my clothes steamer. It’s so cute and so mini! The clothes from my drawers often got messy, so the steamer was a quick and easy fix. It also reminds me of Elizabeth Ann’s while I am away!

  1. Lanyard or Keychain

I am a forgetful person. I’ll admit I lost the key to my room a few times last year. However, I never lost my UCard(this is what UMass uses for access to buildings and dining halls) because I have it in a small wallet on the back of my phone case. Another hack (shoutout Lilly) is putting your key on a hair elastic and wearing it around your wrist because you’re very unlikely to lose it while it’s on your wrist. 

  1. Mattress Pad

Do not and I repeat do not be like me last year. I could say that for many reasons, but this simple one should honestly say enough. I didn’t use sheets for a majority of the year and would sleep right on top of my mattress pad. Which is absolutely disgusting and horrible and literally makes me feel ill when I think about it. Buy a nice mattress pad and put your sheets OVER it and sleep ON the sheets NOT  the mattress pad. This is way more hygienic and presentable to others. It will also save your back from lots of nights on a hard and uncomfortable bed. 

  1. Solid Water Bottle

We all love our emotional support water bottles. Drinking more water has been something I’ve been really trying to work on all summer because I know that I don’t drink enough. But, between walking on campus, studying in the library, and just being around people all the time you need water to stay healthy and hydrated. Especially having a really cute water bottle that you can fit into your bag and bring with you everywhere will motivate you to drink more water.

Overall, I am an insane overpacker. I haven’t even brought all of my stuff for the year yet and I already know I’ve probably packed too much. You never know what you might need! However, these seven items are at the top of my overflowing and crazy packing list. I hope y’all are soaking up this beautiful and sunny summer and getting ready for back to school season!



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