How To:Self Care Summer

There’s truly nothing better than drinking an iced coffee on the porch, enjoying the sunset on the beach, watching Big Brother on a summer night with my own brother, or going out to dinner in a sundress. The sun and salt water seem to cure my anxiety and boost my mood like nothing else in the world. For me, my mental health often sees the most benefits and reaches its peak potential in the summer. The more lenient schedule, warmer weather, and time to focus on things I enjoy besides school really aid me to focus on my self care.

Although I am not a wicked early morning person, I love taking advantage of summer mornings by starting my day on the earlier side. I either start my mornings by reading a little bit of whatever book I’m currently reading (American Psycho) or with a morning walk or a class at my local gym. Lately, I’ve been loving Hybrid which is a cardio, core, kickboxing, and yoga combination class. Then, I continue on my days I don’t have work running through a relaxing list of errands for the day. Being the total Virgo I am- I thrive off of using a list. Other morning self care things that I enjoy are hikes, sleeping in, walking the dogs, or eating breakfast outside.

On days I’m not working, I like to spend them on the beach. I’m the most relaxed on the beach- from reading to finding shells, I find my mind off of all my stress when I can face the ocean. However, I know the ocean or a body of water isn’t always an option. One of the best ways to experience a full day of self care is to turn off your phone or all your notifications for the day. I always feel like I have to answer every text right away, see what others are doing on Snapchat, or constantly refresh my email throughout the day. When I spend time off of my phone, I tend to enjoy the moment I am in more. 

When it’s rainy or colder out and being outside isn’t ideal- I love spending my time reading, shopping, or watching movies. Is retail therapy considered real therapy? This summer, I have been trying to read a little bit everyday. As for movies, I have been trying to watch the classics that everyone always says you have to watch. So far, I have watched The Notebook and The Titanic. 

As for summer nights, I love spending time with my friends or family. We tend to get ice cream or have fires. I also love watching Big Brother live. Other summer night self care things I love to do are take trips to Target, put on a face mask (fav is the coffee one from Lush), This is also when I spend time working on the blog or scrolling through Pinterest. 

Overall, the summer grants us the gift of sunlight and self care time. No matter how often you work or if you’re taking summer classes- you can still find time for self care!! Just being out in the sun is a form of self care alone because of the vitamin D it provides. Utilize sunlight to improve your daily mood! Don’t forget to focus on yourself for at least a little while everyday and find ways to constantly better yourself and work towards your larger goals!!



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American Psycho by Brett Easton Ellis

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