A Week In The Life 6/6/22

Happy Monday! Welcome back to the first Week In The Life in a while! In the summer, I tend to lose track of the days and the weeks. This last week has been one of my most successful from work to improvements in my fitness and eating habits. It’s also been good to see a mix of my friends from home and my friends from school. 

As I’ve mentioned, one of my summer goals was to really focus on my healthy eating because that tends to be my downfall. This week, I have been having a peanut butter cold brew smoothie every morning before the gym, trail mix bites as a snack, and an assortment of different salads and grain bowls for snacks. I tried Sweetgreen in Wellesley for the first time on Saturday and it was amazing! It’s like a Chipotle but for salads. 

On Monday, Bryn and I took a trip to a Goodwill in Boston thinking that was a Goodwill outlet. We came out with a haul, but decided to go to the Goodwill Bins in New Hampshire an hour before close! A haul is uploaded on my Instagram. 

Tuesday I slept through my alarms, one of my worst habits! However sleeping in can be so refreshing sometimes and not dealing with the sound of Alexa or the sound of the generic IPhone alarm to start the day is nice. Brooke and I ran a few errands (listening to Hardy of course) and I picked up my disposable camera pictures which ranged from last summer to this summer. I often forget about disposable cameras. Jack came and we went to the Meola’s in town. (I know, I know I just talked about my improved diet… everything is good in moderation!) My cherry vanilla was very pink!

I finally finished Beautiful Day by Elin Hilderbrand on Wednesday morning. It was the perfect summer beach read, as her novels tend to be, about a wedding in Nantucket where things seem to be falling apart with all of the characters. Before the main character, Jenna, got married, her dying mother left her a notebook with a list of instructions as to how the ceremony should proceed in her absence. I started The Menendez Murders  by Robert Rand shortly after. Today, I actually finished this book and it was definitely a harsh transition from Beautiful Day. The novel followed the life of the Menendezes from their childhood right into their lives throughout jail. This was a riveting trial and it’s the first true crime novel I’ve read in a while! I’m starting American Psycho next!

Lizzie and I also tried Crumbl cookies for the first time on Wednesday! We split a box of four cookies trying orange creamsicle, iced oatmeal cookie, blackberry lemon, and snickerdoodle. My favorite was the snickerdoodle and I would have them all again except for the iced oatmeal cookie. Orange creamsicle was definitely intriguing for a cookie flavor, but I enjoyed it more than I thought I would! 

I had a field hockey curriculum design on the Cape on Thursday afternoon. After the gym, I took my time on my drive. First getting a turtle iced coffee from Marylou’s and then thrifting in Barnstable. I picked up the cutest black romper that I plan on wearing to my Fourth of July New York trip, a pair of American Eagle jean shorts, a cute beach top, and fun flowy Abercrombie pants that I may dress up for a nice dinner or wear casually to class next year!  Right before my meeting, I continued reading The Menendez Murders outside of Nirvana Coffee Company (shoutout Katy!).

My meeting was insightful and it was fun getting creative with field hockey drills. Afterwards, I walked on the beach for an hour and a half then enjoyed a taco salad and the sunset! 

On Friday, Jack and I went to the fields for the day playing field hockey and soccer. Then we watched some of The Titanic before watching game four of the Celtics series. I’ll be honest, I haven’t kept up that much at all with their season. 

I woke up with back pain on Saturday, so I missed the gym. Before coaching two u14 games I grabbed myself a coffee from Brilla and read for a little bit. A friend from home is moving, so I went to a going away party!
Sunday was a long day of hockey and driving. I coached a field hockey practice from 9-1 in Plymouth and then I got myself a Turtle iced coffee on my way home. Then, I played in my first college summer league game at Boston College. It’s exciting to play with tons of other girls from other college teams on astro! We won our game 1-0. My dad and I started Hustle, Adam Sandler’s new movie. 

Overall, I spent lots of time driving this week. I have also spent a lot of time reading, relaxing, working out, and eating healthy. My health habits have really begun to see improvement! There is still room for improvement with my cleanliness and money saving. Enjoy the summer sun!!



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