A Week In The Life 3/28/22

Happy Monday! All I can say is I am very happy that this week is behind me. In the kindest regard to myself, last week quite literally kicked me in the ass Monday through Sunday. My confidence was struggling on Tuesday and Wednesday in field hockey. I messed up my housing and currently do not have residence for next semester. Then to top it off on Thursday I caught a nasty case of the flu that had me bedridden until even today. I feel like it is a good thing to be realistic on social media in some aspects. This morning, I could’ve woken up and written that everything is perfect and I love my life and that I had the best week ever. But, you can never see the holistic image of a person without seeing everything. However, despite the downfalls of last week I still had some highlights! When things aren’t going well it is important to focus on what is!

Despite the fact I royally messed up my housing, I did enroll in my summer course and my courses for next fall! Over the summer, I will be taking Nutrition 130. For me, that’s the perfect summer course and it’s a subject I have interest in. Next semester, I will be taking Math 127 (calc- put out an extra prayer for me), International Horror, OIM, and Introduction to Oceanology. International Horror satisfies an art/literature requirement and is a class where you watch and analyze horror films from other cultures. It will be interesting for sure. OIM is operations in management, some of my friends have already taken it, but it is about learning how to work excel and spreadsheets. I am excited for Oceanology! 

On Wednesday, my friend Lizzie and I took a self care afternoon and went to Starbucks, Target, and thrifting at Goodwill. Of course, I got the typical iced brown sugar shaken espresso. There was no major Target haul, just the dorm room/hygiene essentials. I will be posting a Goodwill haul soon! I intended to post on Thursday and then I was sick! 

On Thursday, we did yoga instead of field hockey practice. Anyone who has been reading for a while or just knows me, knows I love my yoga. Even though I am not very flexible, something about it makes my soul happy. I also went out to dinner at a local restaurant, Savannah’s, for Dempsey’s birthday! 

I have been listening to a lot of One Direction this week. During my mono test, the doctor let me play music and I did in fact play One Direction. Granted, I was having a major panic attack and was trying to make every single bone in my body limp and turn my brain off. Luckily, I tested negative for mono! 

On Saturday, I was at my peak sickness sadly. However, the team played a game for the Inspire Others Organization. This is a mental health organization run by some of my hometown friends who are sophomores at UMass. They also run an amazing blog and socials! I will link their content below. I was so sad to miss the game and the event, but we will be honoring their organization again this coming weekend.

Another honorable mention of this week is the horoscope app Costar. Shoutout Lizzie on this one! This app goes into further depth about your horoscope and things about you and your sign for the day. You can also friend people to see things about their horoscope and zodiac sign! I will link mine below!

Overall, this week truly wasn’t my week. I tried to make the best of all the situations that came my way this week. Sometimes the best part about a day ending is knowing that you have a whole new one to make better! Looking forward to next week and hopefully fully recovering from this disgusting flu! Manifesting good health and even better vibes for you all this week!!



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3 responses to “A Week In The Life 3/28/22”

  1. Americaoncoffee Avatar

    Stay safe and well Hanna. 🙏

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    1. Thank you!!! Feeling so much better today!!

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      1. Americaoncoffee Avatar

        Good News! Have yourself a peaceful and restful weekend. ☀️😇💕🌺

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