March 2022 In Review

An important aspect of setting goals is to reflect upon them as well. This allows you to get a gauge on how you’re doing, what you should continue, and what needs to change moving forward for self improvement. In 2022, I’m really trying to write down monthly and weekly goals to analyze my growth. Growth is not linear. But, everyday counts and sometimes it helps to break life down into one day at a time. Even sometimes on those longer, more challenging days, to piece it into one moment at a time. What can you give to the world and yourself in that moment? Maybe you didn’t have the best practice or receive the grade you hoped for on your recent exam, but that shouldn’t deter you from succeeding in all the other aspects of your day. This, for me personally, is something that I tend to struggle with because I hyperfixate on my mistakes or things I wish had gone differently. 

March is often a long, rainy, and weirdly cold month that is a stepping stone from pure winter to somewhat spring. Before COVID, March used to feel like an absolute marathon to complete. I remember March 2019, right before COVID canceled junior year, sitting in the dress shop parking lot with Paige before school (most likely listening to Truth Hurts or New Romantics) and being on the verge of tears because I felt like I never had a moment to myself between work, school, field hockey, and the gym. It was almost as if we manifested it because soon enough all we had was time for ourselves once school and field hockey were canceled, my job fired the entire staff with an Insta post (honestly, a good story for another time), and the gym closed. However, March is one of the most essential months to grind because you are in the thick of finishing the semester and as for me, field hockey off-season training gains traction and picks up speed. It’s the best time to hone in and focus on academics and tactics before the summer.

This March, I achieved one out of two of my health goals. I attended more spin and yoga classes on the weekends. But, I still struggled with reaching my goal of drinking more water after practice. I have an affinity for blue powerade, so I have been getting more electrolytes into my system than usual. 

As for my media goals, I expanded my blog more which is exciting. I am still working to gain a larger audience on Instagram and Pinterest. Social media is a creative outlet for all of my visual content versus my written content that I keep here. 

In my overall life goals, I finally finished American Wife. Again, an amazing book that I would read again or recommend to anyone! I will continue trying to read more and integrate more Curtis Sittenfeld novels into my mix. My journaling daily goal fell out of place early on because I would often forget by the end of the night. I think I will try to journal each morning instead and write down more goals or positive affirmations. Another life goal was to really focus on my Sunday resets to prepare myself for the upcoming week. I feel like I do well in most aspects like the gym and preparing all school work, but I could focus more on cleaning my room for that goal moving forward. 

March was definitely a long month that passed by quickly. There was lots of field hockey and the most exams I’ve had in my college career thus far. My trip to South Carolina was a refreshing and necessary break for my mind and my body. I felt like I had a good balance between seeing my friends from home and spending quality time with my friends at school. As life goes, some days were certainly better than others, but we got through all of them nonetheless. Hopefully, the colder weather will be behind us as we move into April with all its showers (I cannot wait for May with its flowers). Still wishing you Saint Patrick’s Day luck year round!! Green is the new pink (never!)




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