A Week In The Life 3/14

Happy Monday from back at Amherst! Sadly, reality is setting in and I am back from South Carolina. It was such an amazing weekend! This upcoming week will be a week for getting back into the swing of life. (Seriously why is my life not a vacation??)

On Monday and Tuesday I was back working at Elizabeth Ann’s. Monday wasn’t crowded but there were always people in the store and Tuesday was a slower day. Another positive about being home is returning to my home gym and taking my favorite conditioning and yoga classes. However, of course when I am home I have to attempt to fit in all of my essential appointments. I didn’t have enough time for the eye doctor, but I did go to the dentist for the first time in a while due to COVID. I actually don’t mind the dentist as much as most people (there was a period of time when I wanted to be one but my emetophobia got the best of me on that) but the scraping sound bothers me. On Wednesday I also went to my hairdresser just for a refresh. I love when she curls my hair! 

The weather was beautiful at home on Wednesday and I drove through town with my windows down blasting country music. That is one of my favorite feelings of all time. After my hair appointment I went to Nu Kitchen, my favorite acai bowl place in Worcester. Nothing can top their Maui bowl. I painted my toes with Blueberry Smash by Olive and June. As much as I love getting my nails done, I cannot bring myself to get pedicures as often because I hate people touching my feet and at the same time I feel bad that they’re touching my feet that are shoved in sweaty turf shoes 5 days a week. 

I touched upon Thursday and Friday in South Carolina part 1! Go read that if you haven’t already!! Saturday was a big Saint Patrick’s Day celebration we attended and then went to Goodwill. A haul will be posted later this week! This was one of the sunnier days I was there so we got some color by the pool. Imagine having outdoor pools on campus. So beautiful! The sunset was gorgeous that night!! Sunday was a full day of travel starting with a 6am Uber ride to the airport. The first part in the airport was rough from dropping a coffee to trying to shove my overfilled carry-on into the overhead compartment. (Literally my least favorite part of traveling considering I have a hard time reaching above to get my bag in.) The flights, I had a layover in Georgia, were actually quite smooth and relaxing and I was able to fall asleep on both. I was cold in my shorts and t-shirt back in Mass though. 

I finally finished reading American Wife. It was one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. I love the inside of politics and the way it all works. The book was also very full circle with all of the little details scattered throughout. An amazing 500 page read that I would definitely recommend! I started Beautiful Day by Elin Hilderbrand which is a lighter beachy read about a wedding on Nantucket. If you’re not familiar with Elin Hilderbrand, most of her novels take place on Nantucket and are the perfect summer beach reads. 

As for music, I obviously have been listening to my country more and more due to the warm weather and being in South Carolina. Brooke, who I was visiting, had recently been to the Morgan Wallen concert. Hardy was the opening act so she showed me some of his songs! I have been loving TRUCK and BOYFRIEND!

Spring break was a relaxing reset after seven weeks of school and field hockey. I had time to focus on spending with my family (we played lots of cards while I was home), returning to work, and to focus on things I find important that I often don’t have as much time for at school. I always love seeing my dogs too! Sending you sunshine and love!!! Go have an amazing week and do something you have been wanting to do!



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Hardy https://open.spotify.com/artist/5QNm7E7RU2m64l6Gliu8Oy


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