South Carolina Part 1

Happy Saturday from sunny South Carolina! I’ve packed my bags and I’m never returning! JK JK but I love it here!

My flight landed around 12:30 on Thursday after being delayed by an hour. It was a very early morning. I left my house at 4 am for my first flight at 6 am out of Providence. Luckily I had enough time for an iced coffee. Once I arrived in South Carolina I walked around the campus while Brooke was in class. The campus is beautiful and I love their Greek Village. They have a Tropical Smoothie Cafe which is a field hockey tournament throwback. When we would have tournaments in Virginia we would go literally three times a day. I got my classic bahama mama smoothie and a caesar salad wrap. Then I walked to CVS to pick up a prescription. Once Brooke was out of class we walked around the campus and ate at one of the dining halls. Later that night we met up with some of our other friends who were in South Carolina for the weekend.

On Friday we got a nice brunch at Di Prato’s. The best part about it was that we could sit outside and soak up the warm weather. Women’s basketball had their first game of March Madness so we attended it. They set a new March Madness record in defense in their 79-21 win against Howard. So exciting! Usually I don’t keep up with basketball but this season I will definitely keep up with USC. Afterwards we went to Barefoot, one of the campus stores which was so so so cute!! They had tons of crop tops, sunglasses, jewelry, and regular non school spirit clothing. I did drop over $100….. A haul will be coming soon! Of course we went to Starbucks after and I got my shaken espresso. We went on a very relaxing nature walk throughout the campus. 

For dinner that night we went to Cantina 76 which was an amazing Mexican restaurant. I got to live out my Southern dreams and wear cowboy boots with a pink flowy dress to dinner. We took lots of pictures. For an appetizer we had chips with queso, guac, and salsa. I had teriyaki chicken tacos with guac. What’s a taco without guac? 

Today we are walking around Columbia and maybe doing some thrifting! A Starbucks trip will also be happening. Some hauls will be posted in a few days!! Hope everyone is having a stellar weekend!! 




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