March 2022 Goals & Mood Board

Hello March!! 2022 is flying!! Happy St.Patrick’s Day month to all my other Irish people and to anyone who celebrates. I wear my claddagh ring daily, year round. Of course, I also love the Saint Patrick’s Day section at Target and shamrock shakes, even though I haven’t had one yet. I’m also dying to try Dunkin’s new Saint Patrick’s Day drink! 

As we enter a new month, I’ve decided to physically write down my goals in my notebook with checkboxes so I feel more encouraged and motivated to reach them. As I’ve mentioned, writing down goals helps you to become more likely to achieve them. 

I’ve talked about how I have been attempting to drink more water daily. During practice I always finish at least one water bottle, but then resort to coffee or seltzer during the rest of the day. I’ve set a goal to drink at least two water bottles after practice no matter how many I’ve had during practice. Another health related goal is to try more classes at the rec center. I tend to stick to my usual spin or yoga, but before this semester ends I want to try a barre class (my dance experience is very limited) or a pilates class.

Since I’ve yet to finish American Wife I hope to finish it this month and also explore more books by Curtis Sittenfeld. The next two books on my to-read list are by Elin Hilderbrand who is one of my favorite authors. I wouldn’t be opposed to mixing in some more Curtis Sittenfeld or other authors. This week I also started a daily journal, even if it’s only five minutes of my day that I spend writing , it is another healthy outlet. I love writing and it’s an easy way for me to really express myself and write out all of my thoughts and feelings.

March is usually always a good month as we start looking towards spring and my favorite month (MAY). Last year, school was online so we spent time in Florida and it was my all time favorite vacation. We split time with my grandparents on both sides, in Disney, and with my cousins. This March I have my indoor tournament, my South Carolina trip, a Cape weekend, and a potential weekend in Florida. Wishing you all a prosperous and lucky month!!




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