A Week in the Life 2/21

Happy Monday!! Hope everyone had a prosperous week!! This was a long and a wicked short week all at once. I am getting sick again… We had such a good run without it! Luckily, I tested negative for strep and Covid on Thursday. My throat is still bothering me, hopefully it’s just a form of allergies.

However with the time I spent in bed I was able to catch up more on my American Wife reading. I probably won’t finish the book until sometime mid March because I only read it for a little bit each time I pick it up. It’s one of those books that I’ll be sad I’ve finished once it’s done. I was also able to hang up new pink pictures on my wall in gold frames. The wall my bed is up against had been so boring because I took my pink tapestry down before winter break. I get all of my pictures from Pinterest! Pinterest is one of my favorite pastimes, it’s almost as bad as Tik Tok. 

As for media besides American Wife, I finished Euphoria last night after watching the season finale. How are we gonna wait another two years until season three? Sam tied up more knots than I expected him to do which made me happy. Minor spoiler alert- But did we really need Elliot’s four minute song? What did that do for the plot? I also still cannot believe that it is Dominic Fike! I love his music (top 2 songs are Chicken Tenders and 3 Nights). I never knew he was also an actor.

I tried a new coffee place in my hometown this week since I had been home for work. Brilla Coffee 22/10! So amazing and so cute. I had a love brulee iced coffee which is a combination of caramel and vanilla bean. Two of my go to flavors! They also had a whole wall of grounds and a selection of candles. When I’m home I love burning candles, but I never burn them at school so I didn’t purchase one.  I also went to Argo at UMass for the first time this semester. It’s a cute coffee and tea shop near the other dining hall. I love their vanilla cold brew with almond milk. 

I painted my brother’s old high top Air Forces this week because they no longer fit him, but they fit me.  I used the Essie nail polish in Bachelorette Bash on the Nike swoosh.

Overall, it was a mostly successful week. I wish I felt a little bit better because that is definitely slowing me down. My eating habits have been pretty balanced. Berk had an avocado toast bar the other day >>>>>. Avocado toast from Nu Kitchen is something I miss so much while I am at school. I occasionally like the Dunkin one, but nothing compares to Nu. I also love everything bagels more than I should. I am hoping to get a few weeks ahead on work this week and read more of American Wife. We have our first (and only) indoor tournament for field hockey this Sunday! I cannot believe we are already on the 6th week of our semester and on some of our last weeks of indoor hockey. Manifesting positivity for you all!



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