Sunday Reset

Hey guys and happy Saturday! Hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend. I am going to take you through some of my favorite things to do for my Sunday reset! This has been a big Tik Tok trend along with the idea of being “that girl”.

Since Sundays are one of the only mornings I can sleep in, I like to take advantage of that and sleep in a little bit. I like to read in the morning because I finally have the time. Then I feel like it’s important to get some form of fitness in to get the endorphins flowing. When I am home I like to go to my local gym and take spin or yoga classes and use my Peloton (I love the country rides). But, when I am at school I like to take the spin classes offered at the gym or go for a relaxing walk around campus if the weather allows. It still has not been warm enough for road running which is another one of my favs. 

Once I’ve worked out I love to take an extended cleansing shower where I do all of my skin care and exfoliate. Then I love my blow drying out my hair with my hot tools blow dry brush. On Sundays I tend to do minimal makeup because I am not doing much and it’s a reset for my skin. 

After feeling all physically clean I clean my living space. I wash out all of my cups, do my laundry, and replace my sheets. I take out all the trash and organize my desk. This is something I didn’t do often last semester because I was always so busy with field hockey and I fell out of habit with it. 

Then I start my school work and organize the week ahead. I redo my weekly white board that I purchased from TJ Maxx. This allows me to relax and see everything I have ahead of me. I also plan my outfit and pack my bag for the next day.

Finally, I finish my night off with the newest episode of Euphoria. I cannot believe the season is already almost completed. There are still so many loose ends…

I hope this inspires you and your Sunday reset!!! Have another amazing week!




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