A Week in the Life 2/14

Happy Monday! Another week gone, I feel like 2022 is already flying. We are already almost into March. This was an amazing week emotionally and physically. The 6 am wakeups Monday-Thursday exhaust me, but sometimes being tired by 9 is gratifying. I have been trying my hardest to maintain my eating habits, but I can’t help myself every Tuesday when the dining hall has pesto tortellini. Lately I’ve still been sticking with my chipotle style bowls, grilled cheese, tomato soup, and of course my caramel macchiatos. Another thing that I love from home that I’ve brought back into my diet is my plain seltzer water with Ninjixa red mixed in. Ninjixa is a liquid drink supplement that supplies all your fruits and vegetables for the day. I love having mine after morning practice!

It’s still been pretty cold so I have been listening to my country music more and more attempting to manifest spring. I have been loving Zac Brown Band as usual. Beautiful Drug by them is definitely the song of the week. They’re returning to Fenway on July 15th, so I am hoping to catch that show. If they’re performing near you and you can go, I would recommend it 1000%, there’s no way you’ll regret it!! 

I returned to Elizabeth Ann’s again this weekend. Live. Love. Prom season. This year we have been selling so many bright colored dresses and sparkly dresses. It makes me wish I had a wedding to attend or that I was going to prom! My current favorite dress we have in store is the Sherri Hill style #80110 in hot pink. Everything has been selling like crazy and the designers have been running out of stock. It’s a very big year for glitter and neon colors (again- seriously why am I not going to prom?)

As for my media consumption, as usual I have been waiting all week for Euphoria. Lexi’s play… wow. Just wow. I cannot believe we are already approaching the season finale. However, I have also been obsessed with the New York Time’s daily Wordle. If you don’t participate in wordle, it’s essentially a puzzle game where you have six tries to guess a five letter word. It’s one of my favorite ways to stimulate my brain before class. I love word searches and this is a fun spin on a word game. 

My essentials besides the Wordle and Ninjixa this week are just two makeup products. Since it’s still cold and dry, my lips have been so dry this week. I have been using my vanilla bean Burt’s Bees chapstick. Vanilla is such a simple scent and is one of my favs!! I’ve also been using my ride or die mascara- Maybelline’s Falsies.

Setting my intentions for a stellar third week of February! I’ve been missing the mountain and snowboarding (or trying to…) and I hope to be back sometime in March. I prefer snowboarding when I can go in a big sweatshirt and sweatpants when it’s 40 degrees. This coming weekend I have a formal so I am looking forward to that! We are supposed to get a foot of snow in Amherst on Friday, so maybe classes will be canceled! Have an excellent week!



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