A Week in the Life 1/24

Happy Monday! A snowy one here in Amherst as we go into another cold week of classes, lifts, and iced caramel macchiatos. I started this week off by heading back to UMass with my dad. Returning to school brings a lot of emotions from excitement and anxiety to sadness (I hate leaving my dogs Nauset and Daphne). What I am trying my absolute hardest to do is maintain control of the anxiety I face by not letting it overcome me and focusing on one thing at a time. I’ll be transparent, my anxiety had definitely heightened from when I had been at home. However using my self care techniques and relaxation/breathing exercises I took on this week and feel ready to attack the next. 

One thing I purchased before I got to school was a brand new daily planner from Target. This planner has one side with each half hour of the day where you can fill in your schedule and the other side with where you can put your assignments with check boxes. There is something so gratifying to me about checking something off of my to-do list. In another section I write down what I did for self care that day. This helped me really visualize what my days were going to look like and when I had free time. So far, I have been enjoying my classes,even though my education and film class is a 30 min walk from my dorm. 

Another exciting thing about this week was that I became a Pura Vida ambassador! Pura Vida is one of my favorite jewelry brands, especially for their bracelets in the summer. When shopping there, use the code HANNAHBERRY27 for 20% off! You won’t regret it!

As for my essentials this week I have been loving my Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction lotion. It has been getting so cold here, literally one digit temperatures, and my skin has been getting so dry. Pure Seduction is my favorite scent from Victoria’s Secret, I have been using it since sophomore year. I’m also a huge fan of Tease and Bombshell. I’ll be honest I haven’t been reading a lot of American Wife  this week because I started Euphoria on HBO Max. The show covers a lot of mental health topics. Besides my iced brown sugar shaken espresso (the Starbucks is right outside of my dorm, I have to pass it to go to class, so I HAVE to go in it when I pass it, right?) I have been getting iced caramel macchiatos in one of the cafes that’s on my way to my education and film class. It’s like a reward for the long and frigid walk. On Tuesdays and Thursdays the walk passes by quickly because my friend Mattea is in my class so we walk together. On Fridays when I go for my discussion, I listen to my country playlist and remind myself that everyday I do the walk is a day closer to warmer weather. 

Overall, my eating habits have been surprisingly healthy so far. I have maintained my one coffee a day rule. When I have time for breakfast, which I know skipping breakfast is another habit to break, I have been having yogurt with granola and cinnamon and a side of fruit. I try to have a salad at least once a day and minimize the amount of pasta I consume. The best thing for me to maintain all of my habits from less coffee, less anxiety, being more clean, all the way to healthier eating, is by taking it one day at a time. If I can eat healthy for this meal right now then that counts for something and just reminding myself that everyday. Our bodies, minds, and souls are all intertwined and it is vital that we care for each part individually and holistically. 

Happy February! The month of my favorite color pink, candy hearts, roses, and lots of chocolate. Here’s to another amazing week and the end of the first month of 2022. It is crazy how time flies!! Set your intentions and be kind always!!



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4 responses to “A Week in the Life 1/24”

  1. Do you get paid commission for purchases through your product links? I love that periwinkle journal!


    1. Hi! I only receive commission for Pura Vida 🙂 I just put all other products and things I like!

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      1. What Affiliated Programs do you use? As I do more research, I’m realizing there’s many that I wasn’t aware of. You might wanna look into that so you get paid more by intentionally posting products you like.


      2. Thank you!! I will! I do Pura Vida and Princess Polly at the moment. I will definitely look into more! Let me know if you try the planner

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