Eras Themed Spring Ideas

In honor of the upcoming Eras tour I’ll be sharing different fun things to do this spring inspired by each Taylor Swift era!! I love seeing everyone’s creative Era tours outfits and which Era they felt most inspired by or drawn to. Right now, I’m in my Reputation meets Midnights meets Lover era. It’s so hard to pick just one!


The first ever album brings back so much nostalgia of young Taylor and her country era with the wild curly hair. It’s light blue, butterflies, that white truck, flowers, rage, young love, heartbreak, and youth all in one. For a Debut themed spring day I would recommend packing up your favorite lunch and going for a spring picnic in the field with your besties. Another suggestion would be to visit a cute butterfly conservatory. 

Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

You should always “dance in a storm in your best dress, fearless.” Wear your best sparkly gold and a stunning flowy dress. Listen to Love Story (Taylor’s Version) on repeat and rewatch the music video. Dance in the April rain!! Watch a love movie like Romeo and Juliet or The Notebook.

Speak Now

I feel like I’m always slightly  in my Speak Now Era because the sparkly purple and Enchanted always resonate with me. Enchanted might be one of my all time favorite songs ever. This album again is young love and what it feels like to fall in love and experience heartbreak. How it feels to speak your mind no matter what other people think. “This night is sparkling.” Go to a fireworks show and see a sparkling night or tell someone how much you truly love them. 

Red (Taylor’s Version)

This album always reminds me of fall, the leaves turning brown and hitting the ground, and every reason why I never watch a movie that Jake Gellenahll is in. The Red era legit screams the color red, which is passion, love, and anger. It’s that feeling of falling so deep in love and then hitting the ground as hard as possible. It is a bit angry, but the kind of anger that once it’s out of your mouth and body it feels freeing and cleansing. It makes me want to put on red heart shaped glasses and scream All Too Well (Taylor’s Version) (Ten Minute Version). However, some other fun things you could do this spring if you’re in your Red Era are getting a hot vanilla latte, buying a new red lipstick, or baking your spring birthday friend’s cake. 


I love 1989’s fun New York City energy. Channel your inner 1989 era by taking a day trip to your favorite city. Mine is Boston, but if you’re lucky enough to be close enough to New York City, take a trip and listen to Welcome To New York your entire drive. Another 1989-inspired idea would be to have a polaroid photo shoot!


My favorite Taylor album for the gym. I feel like I’m always kind of in my Reputation Era. Pull a Taylor in her leading up to Reputation Era and go off the grid for a day. Challenge yourself and try a week if you really want to feel like you’re in your Look What You Made Me Do Era. 


Lover always reminds me of Easter, spring, and pastel colors. There’s this one Sherri Hill dress at work, that I would always call the Lover dress because it was light pink with light blue and purple. It looked like a gorgeous (Reputation reference oops.) Lover Easter egg. Have a relaxing beach day and see a pretty pink and purple Lover sunset. 


Folklore will forever remind me of summer 2020 and the Cape. I remember exactly where I was when it came out and I remember singing Cardigan and The One in the outdoor shower after the beach. The beginning of the album always makes me so happy because it brings me back to this time. However, as for some spring Folklore ideas you could shop for a new cardigan, or have a day at the lake. Take it even further and read and write by the lake. 


I also remember exactly where I was when Evermore came out. The memories aren’t as happy and fun to reminisce on as Folklore, but I remember it just the same. Evermore gives me more winter, sad, woodsy vibes. But, for the spring which isn’t as cold and dark as the winter, but it’s the dawn of the summer and the beginning of the warmer and brighter days. You could take your dog for a nice walk in the park. They would appreciate even more than you know. Inspired by Marjorie you could visit your grandparents or mail a letter to a loved one.


I love Midnights! Especially how it is a melting pot of every single era, and also a whole new era in itself. Midnights reminds me of royal blue and sparkly silver stars. Go star gazing!! Start the spring off, with the start of the album, and try a lavender drink at an adorable cafe. 

I absolutely love how all my socials are filled with Era tours content! All of the concert outfits or Eras “themed” inspired drinks, decorations, and all of the above! This was my own way to join the trend! For everyone who has gone or will be attending the Eras Tour PLEASE send any content my way. I am living vicariously through you all!!




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