A Week In The Life 3/20/23

It’s felt like years since the last Week In The Life. Granted it has probably only been a month or two, but I’m attempting to fall back into my Monday and Friday blog routine. My class schedule combined with my work schedule has been busier than I had anticipated. However, I am trying to just focus on one day at a time.

I wish with my entire heart and soul I could go back to Monday. Monday was the long anticipated Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band concert at TD Garden. He put on an amazing show!! For 74, he was extremely active, dancing, and his voice didn’t sound like it changed at all. The band did a sweet tribute to Clarence. Finally hearing Glory Days and Born To Run in person lived up to my expectations.

Sadly, Tuesday was not nearly as exciting as Monday had been. I presented on Tuesday morning during my journalism class. After my two morning classes, I was exhausted and I took a nice and long needed nap before my sisterhood meeting. This sisterhood meeting was a game night, so we played some basic card games.

Wednesday was my last Wednesday shift at Harvest since I switched my shift to the dish room. The dish room isn’t at all what you would expect it to be. We listen to classic rock and I just put the dishes away. The rest of my Wednesday was very chill, I had a Zoom meeting with my marketing class group about our case study instead of class. I also spent a lot of time reading my current book, Daisy Jones and The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid. This is another amazing read by her! It’s inspired by Fleetwood Mac and is written in an interview style which is a really unique style of writing. I’m so excited to start the Amazon Prime show after I finish the book.

Thursday was another long day of classes. Since I had a Media Communications online exam, I didn’t have class which was nice to gain another hour back in my day. After my last class of the day, Accounting, Lizzie and I had a little study date in Argo. I was planning on trying the thin mint iced latte, but I went back to my usual raspberry mocha iced coffee. Then I finished my Media Communications exam. Lizzie and I had a long dinner with Brendan that night which was so fun. Then, Jack and I did a really late 10:30pm gym session.

On Friday morning I had my first Alpha date with another girl in my sorority. My only class on Friday is my Accounting Lab, which I actually enjoy because we use the time to complete one of our assignments in class with the help of the teaching assistant. I got a barbecue chicken quesadilla at Roots before my spin class and then spent more of my afternoon relaxing and reading more of Daisy Jones and The Six. That night, we did a movie night in Lizzie’s room and ordered pizza from Antontio’s.

The weather was depressing and gloomy on Saturday. My Harvest shift felt like it was going by in slow motion, but I was busy enough throughout it. It was pouring during my walk back, granting me the perfect conditions for staying in bed and reading and relaxing all afternoon. It was the reset I needed.

Sunday was another reset and revive day before the start of another week. I finished my Accounting homework after an informal chapter. A very typical, lazy Sunday.

We are already wrapping March up which is insane to me! One of the longest months of the year is over in a flash and we are already into spring. Easter is around the corner and then the next weekend I’m going away to Vermont with Jack. I am so looking forward to everything to come this week and this month!! Sending love and light!!




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