How To Re-inspire Yourself

It has been forever since I’ve written a blog post or written for fun! I decided to write this article for myself (writer’s block has been crazy) and for anyone else who has felt themself weighed down by all of their daily tasks, felt uninspired to do the things they love, or who has just felt crazy busy and has been having trouble fitting their favorite things back into their schedule!

Just to clarify- I am not completely “uninspired” but I have just been wildly busy with school work, school, life, work, friends, working out, and all of the things I should be fitting in everyday. I’ve realized I haven’t been prioritizing my blog as much as I would love to! In the past, I had been on a loose Monday and Friday posting schedule that I’m trying to get myself back into. When I have any kind of exam or major assignment due, I tend to solely focus on that one  thing and neglect or mentally push off other things I want to do and allow the stress to overtake my brain. For example, right before spring break I had my first accounting exam and I was so concerned about doing well that my mind couldn’t fully concentrate or relax until the exam was over. The feeling after the exam was so cleansing and the results of all my studying paid off- but I let the stress take precedence over my blog, reading, or doing other assignments before the exam. (I got all of my work done- I just couldn’t fully focus on that work until I KNEW accounting would be okay).

So, if you feel like me mid-semester right now, whether it’s in your school work, career, or day to day life, I am here to help you and reinvigorate your passion for life and your dreams!!

The first thing I did was sit down and re-evaluate. I’m a big pen and paper list maker kind of girl, some of you may prefer to just think in your head, or maybe you like to say your affirmations out loud. In my re-evaluation, I really considered the things I felt were most important to me and my career. In this discovery, I found that I felt something was missing with the blog. During this discovery, I also realized that I feel most inspired when I workout in some form at least once everyday. Accounting work stresses me out- but I have the most time to complete it compared to my other assignments. Instead of perpetual accounting stress, I decided to break up my accounting work throughout the week while I complete my other work. My work schedule was throwing me off so I changed it. Working mornings makes things in my day feel more fluid, so I switched to three morning shifts a week instead of only one and two afternoon shifts. All of these small shifts helped me realign my priorities and continue my daily focus on my personal goals without getting lost in the depths of everything else.

Another way to reinspire yourself is to try something new or go to an event each week that you wouldn’t normally attend. I’ve been working on this all semester, just broadening my horizons to keep things interesting. One major way I did this was by joining a sorority which introduced me to girls I wouldn’t have normally met, attend events I normally would not (13% events, mixers, and social events like game nights and bag painting). In addition to this, I have been paying attention to other events happening on campus or with Women In Business. As the weather gets warmer, I want to further try new things by doing some hikes near UMass, see the sunrise (I’m not a wicked early morning person, but it’s worth the experience), and go to the local farmers market.

Surround yourself with people who bring you up!! I know everyone say this, it’s so generic, but it really is true. When something or someone isn’t serving you- let it go! It’s a human tendency to hold onto to toxic people or things because we’re used to them. In some instances we hold onto toxic bosses, friends, coaches, professors, relationships, etc because they hold some form of power over us. Even when an authority figure like those coaches, professors, bosses treat you terribly and gaslight you into thinking it’s because of you or you deserve to listen and submit to their toxicity because they hold power over you- you don’t need to. Let me repeat that. You don’t need to let anyone dull your sparkle or make you feel terrible about yourself no matter how much they assert themselves. That will drain your mental health and you by no means deserve that nor need to endure that kind of mental torture. Let that shit go! Then when you feel that first deep breath of true peace you’ll wonder why you held on for so long. 

Finding the means to reinspire yourself requires digging deep into yourself and analyzing your personal needs, desires, and dreams. Only you have the ability to bring yourself up. As scary as that sentence sounds, it’s also so empowering! Everyday you can guide the course of your own life. Wake up, chase your dreams, and explore your passions. Make everyday your adventure.




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