Life Update 2/25/23

It has been a little while since I’ve done a blog! My routine back to school has been crazy and I’ve been combating a wicked annoying sore throat all week. It’s one of those sore throats where it isn’t unbearable, but it’s just enough to be annoying. Luckily, I tested negative for strep throat so it’s just a virus that’s most likely going around campus. Hopefully, I start feeling better during the next week.

We are already three weeks into the spring semester and I love my classes so far. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my busiest days with four classes and only a short break after two and before the last two. I start my mornings with an 8:30 am Journalism class that is mostly discussion based. The topics of the origin of journalism, politics, and current events really interest me and it’s intriguing to hear what my classmates think. It can be fascinating to take in all the different viewpoints and see how differently some people think and feel to me. On Thursdays, we do our daily discussion and then watch a documentary on journalism or newspapers. My Intro To Law class that I have in Isenberg afterwards is also an engaging class. I’ve always loved true crime and historical cases or scandals where the law becomes trivial. Although we haven’t learned much about criminal law yet, just becoming introduced to common law and the types of practices is mind opening and a class I enjoy attending. My 1pm class is held in a very dark and warm basement that makes me struggle to keep my eyes open. That’s my Media and Communications class which has interesting topics, but I feel like we haven’t broken the seal to them yet. The concepts are very basic and a bit boring at the moment. Finally, I have my Accounting 221 at 2:30. By absolutely no means am I a math girl, but I actually enjoy accounting. It can be challenging, but it makes sense and it’s so gratifying when you get the sheet correct. I also love how organized the nature of the class and the subject is. My Mondays only have two classes. My Business Seminar which I have with Natalie and my marketing class that I have with Jack. Wednesdays are just Marketing and Fridays are just my accounting lab.

This semester I got a job on campus at a grocery/convenience store called Harvest located in Blue Wall. I work three four hour shifts a week doing simple tasks like cutting fruits and vegetables, stocking shelves, and refilling the cold bars. Sometimes time goes by wicked slow and other times the shifts go by very fast. But, it’s the perfect amount of time and it’s refreshing to be off my phone and focused on other things for four hours. 

I also joined a sorority! Yesterday was my Bid Day! I joined the Alpha Chi Omega chapter at UMass Amherst. I am so excited to see what this next chapter and adventure has to bring for the next two and a half years. On Sunday, I have my first new member meeting and chapter meeting so hopefully I’ll have more information and know what the next month(s) will entail!

Overall, I have been having a wonderful semester so far! Besides the snow day on Thursday and the incoming snow, the weather on campus has been pleasant for walking to and from classes. I’ve been continuing my focus on doing things for myself and reducing my anxiety. My finance skills have been improving and I’m really trying to keep myself and my spending in line. Another goal I have been working on is trying new things and doing more activities on campus or attending more things I am invited to! This also helps me achieve my other goal of staying out of my room and bed as much as I can during the day so I can wake up and really attack the day!

I’m hoping you’re all also having an amazing spring semester and a fabulous February! The snow needs to melt and move out so we can ease into spring, country music, and 70 degree weather! 




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