Self Care Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day Eve. Valentine’s day is one of my favorite holidays because of all the pink, hearts, and the cute heart shaped chocolates. I know this is considered a couple’s holiday, but you can still celebrate the day with pink and love themed self care! 

Start the morning off with something you don’t usually do on a daily basis. Whether that’s sleeping in (God bless your soul if you consistently wake up early), trying a new bakery (I love the iced coffee and pastry combo), going for a hot girl walk instead of an intense workout, or watching an episode of your fav Netflix show instead of getting out of bed right away. (I so recommend paying the $5 a month for Peacock so you can watch That 70s Show). Honestly, even though it’s a Tuesday, take this whole day to prioritize yourself and do some special things that you don’t often have time to schedule into your day. I know on a daily basis I often lose time for reading, face masks, or just taking a minute to breathe because I’m rushing from class to class, figuring out when to schedule time for homework, fitting in time for a spin class, and trying to make sure I stay social and do things with friends everyday. Take. A. Minute. To. Relax. 

As for throughout the day, do the same thing! Prioritize you! Are you always sprinting from journalism to law? (Oh wait, that’s me…) After all your classes treat yourself to an iced latte or thirty minutes alone where you’re not stressed about the next class or your assignment due tomorrow. By no means am I saying skip your work, but I’m saying take a little extra time for YOU tomorrow! Take yourself on a lunch date off campus (This makes me miss Chic Fil A) or go off campus with your girlfriends and take some time in Barnes and Noble and Ulta. A coffee and Barnes and Noble date is an ideal way to relax and enjoy some amazing cold brew and find your next read! Even if you go alone, with your significant other, your best friend, or your mom. If you’re like me and have classes pretty much all morning into the afternoon on Tuesdays- once class is over, cancel the rest of your afternoon. Today is about you and showing yourself some love!

Who doesn’t love a night full of self care? Go out to dinner and a movie with your roommates (80 For Brady looks so funny and I’m biased- Tom Brady is my athletic idol) or do an at home movie night with some nachos, chocolate, and popcorn. The Notebook is one of my favorite romance movies and I cry literally every single time Noah builds Allie’s dream house (I love flexing that I visited it this summer in South Carolina). Dirty Dancing and Grease are also two of my all time favorite movies and they’re both adorable romance movies. Another alternative is to turn off your phone and social media (This is a hard task for me considering I would like to build my media into a full time job) and just focus on some quiet and relaxing down time. I love reading- but whenever I read, I often check my phone after every chapter or put my book down the second I get a notification I feel like I need to answer right away. It’s also so peaceful to take time away from checking what other people are doing. As much as I love Snapchat, sometimes seeing other people’s stories makes me wish I was somewhere else or takes away from me enjoying the present moment I’m in. 

I wish everyday could be Valentine’s Day and that all the stores would always have long aisles of candy wrapped in pretty pink boxes and stuffed kittens holding hearts with notes of endearment. But, like every other holiday it’s only one day, so it’s important to seize the day and take advantage of it for what it is! A day filled with love for all the special people around you in your life! You’re all so special to me! I love y’all and hope you have a lovely and pretty pink day tomorrow (and everyday!)




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