Second Semester Goals

Finally, this Monday, UMass begins the second semester. Truly might be the last university in the country to return to school! The long winter break was relaxing and it was nice to be home and see family. However, I would rather return earlier in the winter and get out earlier in May. My tentative final schedule has my last final scheduled for May 22nd. 

I am really looking forward to this spring second semester. My classes really interest me and pertain more towards my major and two that are more interest related. My Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule is very lowkey and I only have one class a day. Tuesdays and Thursdays are very busy and start early in the morning. I’m taking a journalism class where we will be reading a lot of work from The New Yorker and researching everything about a specific journalist and their work. Then, I have more business and marketing related classes like Marketing 301, Introduction to Law, and accounting.

This semester, I want to really fill my day every day and take less naps. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays my day doesn’t start until 12:20 the earliest on Fridays (1:25 Mondays and 5:30 on Wednesdays) but I really want to capitalize on the day. Some mornings, I would like to get a workout in or take a spin/yoga class prior to academic classes. Other mornings, I would like to utilize my time to get work done. It will be much easier to plan out every week and make daily work goals once I am in the swing of classes and understand what my work load will look like. 

Another goal of mine is to attend more Isenberg, marketing, and internship related events. One of the best things about Isenberg and UMass in general is all of the opportunities that they offer in order to help students line up a job after graduation. Jack and I attended an internship fair at the Mount Ida Campus on Tuesday, so it will be effective to attend the events held on campus. Women In Business also hosts lots of great events in the spring that I am excited about. I’m also considering attending The Women Of Isenberg Conference in March. 

One of my major academic goals is to write neater and better notes for all of my classes. In class, I tend to use my Macbook and type notes because I can type faster than I write. But, I would love to rewrite my notes and do my homework in a more organized manner. Most of my classes this semester will be more note and dense information based. 

Overall, I intend on making the absolute most of this semester academically, athletically, and career wise. I want to soak up the last of living in the dorms and just being an elevator ride or a short walk away from my friends. I’d like to carry my gym and morning routine from home to Amherst and move away from sleeping or staying in bed because of my anxiety. Although I am sad to leave GH2, my dogs, friends, and family- I’m excited to get back and start second semester!




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