A Week In The Life 1/9/23

Happy Martin Luther King day! I hope y’all had work or school or just the day off like I did. Today was a relaxing day of snowed in self care and cleaning. Nothing like a nice Monday reset to start the week off!

I started the week off by finishing I’m Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy and starting Serial Killers and Psychopaths  by Charlotte Craig and John Marlowe. Jennette’s book was very moving, but it was also really dark and depressing, truly reading about her childhood experience. I have a lot of sympathy for child actors and the abuse and poor treatment they suffer. Especially this book because I had grown up watching ICarly and Sam and Cat. Clearly I didn’t follow up this read with a light book, but an even darker and denser nonfiction book about some of the most notorious serial killers worldwide. 

Tuesday was another very relaxed day. I’ve been going to my local gym, Gh2 Fitness and Training, almost every morning- some days I like to sleep in and take the afternoon classes. The hypertrophic strength classes have been my favorite recently because they are the closest thing to the pilates classes I take at school. In the smoothie bar area, the gym provides a bring a book take bookshelf where I have been bringing the books that I’ve been finishing. This week, I picked up People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry and Malibu Rising  by Taylor Jenkins Reid. Brooke said People We Meet on Vacation is really good- so I’m very excited to read that one soon! Hunter had a middle school basketball game and we got Chic Fil’  A afterwards. When I’m at school- I miss CFA so so much.

The most eventful and exciting day of my week was Wednesday. Jack and I went to Frozen Fenway and skated which was wicked fun. I’m not the best ice skater, but I got a little bit better… Maybe… I’d like to think so. For dinner, we went to The Red Heat Tavern where I got an amazing barbeque burger with onion rings on it. I love anything with onions, onion rings, or caramelized onions. Then I found the two TJ Maxx items I’ve been looking for since literally I was at school- the Glossier Mango Balm dot Com and the Nars Orgasm cheek palette. I’ve been obsessed with the Nars Orgasm lipstick and gloss duo and I saw the cheek palette a little over a month ago, but didn’t buy it and have been kicking myself ever since. So Jack is officially my TJ Maxx good luck charm. 

Bryn started teaching me how to sew on Thursday! One of my winter break goals was learning how to sew. It was not as hard as I thought it was going to be in some aspects and it was not as easy as I thought it was going to be in other ways. I still have lots of work to do, but I have lots of project ideas!!

Friday was Bryn’s last night at home before she goes back to Ohio. We went to the 99 for dinner with Brendan and Owen where I had a wicked good barbecue chicken mac and cheese. When I’m in the mood for mac and cheese it hits so different. 

On Saturdays, I coach indoor field hockey with Cape Cod Field Hockey in Pembroke. The drive is a very simple hour and twenty minutes. I tend to leave a little bit earlier to stop at Marylou’s on the way. My favorite and go to is still the turtle iced coffee. I want to try something new, but the turtle is literally so good and I only get it so often so I always revert back. It was Jack’s roommate, Hunter’s birthday, so we got together with some of our friends from school who I haven’t seen since the semester ended. 

Sunday morning we had to stop at Marylou’s on the way back because we were in the area. I did get my turtle again. It was another very relaxing day of some shopping and some football. (It’s like a trade off- some shopping, some football, everyone is happy). At Ulta, I purchased a new Real Techniques brush for my bronzer. Then at Marshal’s I got an assortment of skincare products, but most importantly I got my favorite charcoal and green tea peel off pore strips that I’ve been obsessed with lately.

I’ve been loving relaxing, going to my gym, and just being home with my home friends and family. This break has flown by!! My favorite playlist right now has been my country “Get Me South ASAP” playlist which includes music from Jake Owen, Morgan Wallen, Noah Kahn, Bailey Zimmerman, and Zach Bryan. I don’t even have a singular favorite song right now, but have been listening to Fall In Love (Bailey Zimmerman), From Austin (Zach Bryan), Homesick (Noah Kahn), and Wild As Her (Corey Kent) on repeat. 

This next week is one of my last weeks home before spring semester because I will be in Florida with my grandma next week! I cannot wait to be away from the cold weather and in the sunshine. So, this upcoming week will be another one of cleaning and cleansing my room and catching up with people from home that I haven’t seen in a while. Y’all should be proud of me- my room and desk area has been almost immaculate lately. Truly, I cannot say the same thing about my car, but progress is progress! Have a wonderful week full of attacking your goals and personal growth!!



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