My Midnight Rankings

I am IN love with this entire album. It’s going to be so hard to come up with a definitive ranking but I’ll do my best. I wish I could rank all of these number one! My favorite thing about this album is how it’s such a melting pot of all her albums. I also liked trying to guess which song belongs on which previous album.

  1. Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve– Oh my god. This is going to be my Taylor sad girl, scream in the car anthem of the year. Not to say this is directly about John Mayer. But, all signs point in that direction. The 19th song in the album, about a relationship with an adult (he was 32) while she was still young, and was also released while she was 32. This would definitely be on Speak Now. It’s lyrically done so beyond beautifully and I love the reference to dancing with the devil. If clarity’s in death why wont this die? This may rank in the top ten of my favorite Taylor bridges. 
  2. Maroon- Another one to scream in the car. So lyrically beautiful and I loved all the different usages of maroon and things that are maroon. I feel like this would be on Reputation. Another thing I love about this song is that once you step away from a relationship and you stop looking back at only the good things, you realize it’s actually maroon (darker than you thought.) The carnations you thought were roses line was so creative because carnations symbolize fascination and roses symbolize love, so it symbolizes how he mixed up fascination with love. 
  3. Vigilante Shit– This one is so catchy!! Even though I am in a healthy relationship, everytime I listen to this, I feel like I just went through a messy breakup and I’m dressing for revenge. Another one that I feel like would be on Reputation. Also, a perfect exercise song and a perfect do your makeup on a Saturday night song. The while he was doing lines and crossing all of mine, someone told all his white collar crimes to the FBI line GETS me. 
  4. High Infidelity- Do you really wanna know where I was on April 29th? Like yes, Taylor please answer, where were you? Many believe this has something to do with Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston. This is Illicit Affairs’ cousin. 
  5. Question… ?- Have you ever had someone kiss you in a crowded room? I lyrically love this song and I feel like this relates to a lot of situationships. Another song that I feel like could be on Reputation or on 1989. 
  6. Karma- Karma is so so catchy. I love singing this one! I feel like this one would be on Reputation. Even though I don’t wish ill on anyone it makes me wish I was currently wishing karma would hit someone. 
  7. Anti-Hero- A heart breaking song that many spectate is about eating disorders or aging as a woman in the music industry. This is one of those songs that could bring you to tears- I feel like it should be a track five. However, it’s one song that isn’t about love or relationships, but about your relationship with yourself. Everyone is hard on themselves for different reasons or finds different things to hate about themselves. 
  8. Glitch- Another situationship song. I feel like Taylor rarely has songs about situationships, so this album has been interesting. 
  9. The Great War- More shades or red referenced in this song. I don’t know how to describe how this song makes me feel, but I love it. “My hand was the one you reached for, all throughout the great war.”
  10. Bejeweled- Such a sparkly song. This is giving major Speak Now energy. 
  11. Mastermind- I love the reference to the stars aligning. 
  12. Glitch- Taylor with another situationship reference! 1989 gives situationship vibes to me, so I feel like Glitch would fit well on there. 
  13. Paris- Another really catchy happy anthem. This is such a cute love song. “I’m so in love that I might stop breathing.” The usage of Paris as the place she picked is perfect because most people associate Paris with love, lights, the eiffel tower, fancy chocolate, and wine. This would definitely be on Lover or 1989.
  14.  Snow On The Beach- Another one that is so catchy. I love the soft and slow melody. There have been complaints of the lack of Lana Del Ray, but I love this one. The comparison between two things that don’t make sense together but are still  beautiful just works so well. I feel like this would be on Folklore. 
  15. Midnight Rain- The golden retriever boy and the black cat girl. Many have said this is Champagne Problems sister song. For some reason, I feel like this would be on Fearless (Taylor’s Version).
  16. Bigger Than The Whole Sky- I associate this song with Folklore and summer sunsets. When Folklore first came out I was on my family vacation in the Cape, so I always put Folklore and summer and sunsets together. I picture a pretty sunset taking up the whole sky over the beach with this song. 
  17.   Dear Reader- This song reminds me of It’s Time To Go from Evermore. It’s sad in a way that it advises the listener (or the reader) to leave a toxic relationship and to acknowledge the signs. 
  18. Sweet Nothing- Many said that this song was written about her mom and her battle with her health which makes my heart break. Her songs about her mom always make me so sad and for some reason because they’re so deep, I sometimes struggle to listen to them.
  19. Labyrinth- Another sad melody that I feel like belongs on Evermore. I still love this song, but I don’t listen to it as much as I listen to the others on this album. 
  20. Lavender Haze- Same as Labyrinth, I just don’t listen to this song as much. I love Maroon so much that I often find myself skipping this one, just to go right to that one. 

Ranking is always SO hard. It all comes down to the wire or my mood that day. This album was exactly what I wanted and also what I needed from Taylor. The way that this feels like a mix of everything she’s ever done makes it so special and makes me want to stay in the Midnights era for a while, despite how excited I am for all of the re-recordings. Let me know your thoughts and your rankings! I hope you’re making the whole place shimmer!




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