Fall 2022 Favorites

Since we are halfway through October, I feel like I should share my fall favorites so far this season. It feels like the days are just absolutely flying by and soon enough I’ll be home for Thanksgiving! We are already in our final three games of the regular season which is wild. So here are my fall 2022 favorites!

  1. Raspberry Mocha Iced Coffee

Obviously this isn’t a fall signature flavor, it’s something that can be had year round. But, this has been my all time coffee obsession lately!! Especially at Argo Tea at UMass, that’s been my study spot this semester. If you’re looking to switch up your coffee order, I 1000% recommend this combination. Lizzie- I am forever grateful for you introducing me to my newest coffee addiction. 

  1. All Too Well (Taylor’s Version) (Ten Minute Version)

This song screams fall, this entire album honestly screams fall. Something about the descriptions of autumn leaves falling into place and the maim of the love affair give me the perfect walking to class vibes with the leaves scattering the ground and Massachusetts starting to get cold. Another honorable mention from Red (Taylor’s Version) is The Very First Night (From The Vault). 

  1. Bubbly Rose Bath and Body Works Lotion

My skin starts to get so dry in the fall and this has been my savior! Shoutout Hannah! This is the perfect daily scent- light enough to smell sweet without being overpowering. I rarely finish a whole bottle of lotion and I will definitely be finishing this one!

  1. Pink Claw Clip

I’ve finally bought in and become a claw clip girl. My hair is very sensitive and cannot be heavily tugged on because of my extensions. However, as my natural hair has been starting to grow out, I’ve been able to try more things with my hair without fear of destroying the extensions. I ordered a pink and a white opaque claw clip from Amazon and it has been my favorite way to throw up my hair when it’s not cooperating. 

  1. Lulu Lemon Black Scuba Hoodie

This has become my wardrobe staple. Whenever I need something to throw over a tank top or something to wear with leggings- this is the first thing that I always reach for. It’s so cute yet so simple. 

Although the list is short and sweet every single thing on it has been one of my go- tos! Also most of these products are unrelated to fall. This year, I didn’t get into my pumpkin cream cold brew as much as I usually do. I hope everyone is having an amazing October and enjoying the transition into crisper weather! Happy Midnights!!!



Shop Hannahlane:

Lulu Lemon Black Scuba Hoodie https://shop.lululemon.com/p/womens-outerwear/Scuba-Oversized-12-Zip-Hoodie/_/prod9960807?color=0001


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