A Week In The Life 9/26/22

Happy October! I cannot believe that September is already over. This past week, I’ve been trying to figure out a new blog schedule. Monday is usually  my Week In The Life and Saturday is another article. However, I have been only really posting my Week In The Life and missing my second article of the week. After this week, I will be keeping Monday (even though I’m doing this today on a Tuesday) as A Week In The Life and making Thursday or Friday my day for other content! 

Let’s get into this very relaxed last week of September. On Monday, I had my usual 9am and 10am classes, but was feeling so exhausted afterwards. Mondays are often when I sit down and grind out most of my work so that I have less to do throughout the week and because we have the day off from field hockey. I felt so drained- that I actually ended up sleeping until right before my 4 o’clock lab. During my lab, I was able to get some work done to make up for my lack of working during the day. 

I woke up on Tuesday morning feeling worse than I did on Monday. Despite feeling as fatigued and unwell as I did, I still attended my International Horror class at 10AM. That afternoon, Lizzie and I went to Dunkin’ and CVS so I could get an at home Covid test just to be cautious. It turned out that I was positive for Covid. Honestly, I was surprised, there’s always sickness going around at school, so I just assumed I had the common cold/flu that is always lingering. I quarantined in my room until Wednesday morning when I could get a ride home.

The rest of the week is relatively boring considering I spent Wednesday-Saturday in quarantine before my return to school on Sunday morning. I felt the worst on Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday, shortly after returning home, I slept for the rest of the day until around 8pm where I migrated to the den couch where I watched a few hours of Dateline. Personally, I need to stop watching true crime because I end up having weird dreams or slightly increased anxiety.

Thursday was very similar to Wednesday, just sleeping and lounging. I had lost my smell and taste for a few days which makes eating and life so boring. It’s unlike losing your smell when you have a stuffy nose, like you cannot smell anything. While reorganizing my home-makeup, I couldn’t smell any of my products.(I was able to throw lots of things away and clean bins that were in DIRE need of cleaning). It’s also so strange brushing your teeth and not being able to smell or taste your toothpaste. I got most of those two senses back on Saturday. On Thursday, I also caught up and finished Big Brother. The ending of the Big Brother season symbolizes the official end of summer for me. I was rooting for Turner in the end and was sad when he wasn’t taken to the final two.  

On Friday, I finally started to feel a little bit better and read Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld in the hammock outside. By Saturday, I finished the book! It was a great book, nothing will ever compare to American Wife, but I love Sittenfeld’s writing style. I also watched one of my favorite movies, The Notebook. Such a classic love story and I love watching it after visiting Charleston and seeing the house and places where some scenes took place. 

Saturday morning I slept in for a while which was so refreshing and a luxury that I sometimes miss while I am at school. I made caramel apple bark which consisted of melted milk chocolate topped with pretzels, diced apple, and caramel. One of my favorite fall treats besides pumpkin cream cold brew are caramel apples. When I was growing up, we used to go to a town fair every year and I always looked forward to getting a caramel apple on a stick. This glorified giant chocolate bar reminded me of that! I also love peppermint bark around christmas time, but felt that it was too early for it and found the caramel apple bark recipe on Instagram. My mom, Hunter, and I watched Hush that night because it was my last night home before returning to school on Sunday morning. Hunter loves scary movies and this one was a good medium for us all to watch. I don’t mind horror movies, but I don’t always love being completely freaked out. This is also a movie I saw a few years ago, but didn’t remember it completely. The movie takes place in a woman’s house in the middle of the woods which adds to the creepy effect. She is deaf, so essentially the story follows her being stalked by a sadistic killer and their whole back and fourth of him stalking her and trying to kill her and her sliding by without being murdered. Which for my International Horror class, I have to write an essay on some medium of horror (book, game, movie, art, etc) and this works perfectly because this will likely be the subject of my essay.

My quarantine ended on Sunday! I still felt drained and winded after bringing my bag downstairs, but I felt better than I had on days prior. On the way back to school we stopped at Dunkin’ and I got my current favorite order, raspberry mocha iced coffee with almond milk. The foliage was so pretty on the drive. That’s one of the perks of fall in New England. Despite my desires to move south after college, I think I would miss the quintessential New England fall. Also drinking pumpkin drinks or seeing green trees and colorful flowers instead of changing leaves would feel strange. However, don’t get me started on the winter… I would love to see palm trees and have an ocean breeze in January. 

Anyway! Once I returned to school, Women In Business was hosting a Coffee and Yoga session in Isenberg. Since being at school and being in season, I haven’t had much time for yoga which is something I love doing for my self care while I am at home. This was also an enjoyable way to ease back into real life and not just laying on the couch watching movies and reading. Dasha, who was my Women in Business peer mentor last year, led the session. 

I will admit, the week “off” with Covid was an amazing reset that I think my body really needed. It was also fun to be back with Hunter and my family. I loved seeing Nauset and Daphne everyday. This time where I had nothing but time, reminded me that once I went back to school I needed to remember to schedule in time for self care. That’s something that can be so hard to remember when you’re in the swing of balancing school, athletics, and a social life. I often find myself spreading myself too thin which can add unnecessary stress. So thank you Covid, for giving me five days of self care and reminding me to bring back my self care techniques. 

This upcoming week, we head to Saint Joseph’s and Yale for two away matches. We will be spending lots of time on the bus, which will grant me time to read (I just started The Brothers Bulger How They Terrorized and Corrupted Boston For A Quarter Century by Howie Carr), get ahead in school work, and maybe sleep! As for my reading, I’ve been trying to alternate between fiction and nonfiction books. Not for any particular reason, other than to vary what I read. 

Overall, I hope y’all are staying healthy and happy during the common cold season! Enjoy your pumpkin spice, take out your Uggs, and watch a Halloween movie this week! It’s finally cold enough to need a fuzzy blanket. 



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