A Week In The Life 9/19/22

Happy Tuesday! I am currently sick with whatever cold/flu virus is going around campus. (Whose surprised?) Honestly, I am surprised it took until the end of September for me to get sick. We will take it though! 

This week flew by as they always tend to do. Monday was a rainy day and we played Boston University at home. Due to lightning, we had a lightning delay with six minutes left in our game! It reminded me of club field hockey and being inside waiting during tournaments. Luckily, the lightning ceased and the rain began to clear up and we finished the game with a 3-1 win! I have some friends from club on the team so it’s always exciting to see people I grew up playing hockey with. Right after the game, I had to go to the campus center for preference night. Again, I’m not sure what I’m allowed to say or not, but I met with two sororities. One I had to meet with over Zoom because I missed their event. I loved my dress from this night. It was a hot pink strapless tiered ruffle dress from Apricot Lane in Duxbury. I got it discounted for only $15 and reworked it so it was strapless. (They only had a large and I was in LOVE with the dress- so I had to do what I had to do.)

We had the day off from field hockey on Tuesday so I utilized this day to get a lot of my school work done. It was Bid Day and sadly I didn’t get a bid. I did what’s called a “suicide bid” where I only went for one sorority, however if you do that you cannot join another one during COB or spring recruitment for a whole year. Unfortunately, Chi Omega (the one I was going for!) is not doing COB (continuous open bidding) this fall, but they may do spring recruitment. We will see what happens! Lizzie picked me up a pumpkin iced coffee from Dunkin’ (Thanks Queen!) and we did work in Argo for a little while. As y’all know I have a very very hard time with math. My math class has started to pick up a little bit more, so lots of time was spent grinding out math work on Tuesday night. We also had the return of fam dinners- everyone’s schedules have been crazy! 

My residence hall had two fires on Wednesday. The lovely perks of on campus living. One was at 9pm, which wasn’t terrible, I was in the middle of working on notes for my Oceanography exam, so it was more of a disruption than anything. 20 flights of stairs is also not the most enjoyable thing. After that, I finished my notes and read for a little bit before bed. I was woken up again at 2am by another fire. This time was definitely more annoying and disturbing than 9pm. Luckily, my Thursday morning class had been canceled so I didn’t have to get up early. On the bright side, our Wednesday field hockey practice was fun! At the end of practice, we did a competition day with competitions not involving field hockey.

Thursday morning, Lizzie and I had a self care morning! Since my morning class was canceled, I didn’t have class until 1pm. I made an eyebrow appointment for 9:30 and we had planned on walking there and having a relaxing HGW morning, but it was pouring! This was also good because Purele (where I get my eyebrows done at school- Lindsey I miss you!) moved locations and was no longer a walking distance. Normally, my cousin Lindsey does my eyebrows, but it’s hard getting home in the fall and during the season, so I took the opportunity to get an appointment and get them waxed. I love my dad, but having his eyebrows is not ideal. After my appointment, we got coffee and just so happened to be in the parking lot (our Dunkin’ and Goodwill are in the same lot) at 10, right when Goodwill opens. So obviously, we had to go in. Thursday is student discount day and I only ended up spending $8! Lizzie found the cutest picture of makeup brushes dipped in glitter for my room that matches the aesthetic and I bought a mint blue Zara top that’s perfect for white jeans, Florida, Easter, or the spring/summer. I also finally finished my study abroad application for January. 

The lunch at Hamp was unreal on Friday morning. I had greek yogurt with raspberries and caprese salad. Legit have never had caprese at the dining hall and it’s one simple meal I miss so much from home. We played Davidson and won 2-1 in overtime. My dad came to the game and we got coffee after before he had to bring Hunter to one of his games.

On Saturday, I started feeling sick. I had a workout at 9am and then recovery and film afterwards. My mom came to visit and we went to the farmer’s market. It was so cute and reminded me of Orleans and made me miss summer and the Cape. There was an adorable fluffy bunny at the Kombucha table. My mom brought back a ton of vegetables including a chestnut, which starts off in a very spikey like shell that eventually cracks open. We also got organic coconut body butters. Afterwards, we got coffee and went thrifting at Salvation Army and Goodwill. I’ve been dying to show her the new local thrift store we found right off campus, but it was closed, we were so disappointed. At CVS, I picked up some pictures for my wall that I still need to hang up. After she left, I was legit feeling so gross, I fell asleep at 5pm and woke up at like 10pm and then went back to bed around 11pm. 

On Sunday, I still felt wicked sick, but we had a game against Columbia at 3. We won 3-1 which was exciting! Afterwards, I got back into bed for a few hours before Lilly and I did our Operations in Management project at Isenberg. 

Although I am not feeling my best, I have a lot to do in the upcoming week! We are traveling to Lasalle on Thursday morning and Women in Business is hosting a coffee and yoga session on Sunday morning. As I’ve been trying to do, I’ve already done most of my work for this week, but I still have some math to finish. I cannot believe it’s going to be October at the end of this week! There’s still some fall things I need to do, that I haven’t yet. Sending so much love to y’all! 



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