A Week In The Life 9/12/22

Happy Tuesday! I am still attempting to get back into my typical Monday/Saturday blogging schedule. As many of y’all know the last six days, I have been absolutely out straight with school work, field hockey, formal recruitment, and making time for friends. Throw in the need for caffeine and meals- I was very overwhelmed. 

Although this last week had me convinced my hair was graying- it helped me realize how many things I need to manage and how I still need to schedule some time for myself whether that’s just a few minutes alone in bed or time to read a few chapters of my book at night. People pleasing isn’t a bad thing, but sometimes it makes us forget to put our own priorities and our own emotions first. Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed, it all catches up to me and I cry and it releases all my emotions, but it’s not good to constantly keep reaching that point. So moving into this week- I plan on scheduling more time to decompress. 

Monday, Monday, Monday!! I made the somewhat impulsive yet also somewhat very exciting decision to join the Greek rushing process. I’ve always had an interest in Greek life, so I thought why not try it out and if it’s too much with field hockey or I figure it’s not actually for me, at least I tried it. We had the day off from field hockey, so I took express spin with Natalie after my morning classes. Lilly and I had our first OIM (operations in management) lab. Essentially, it was just an introduction to what the rest of the semester would look like and setting up our Cengage/ Sam accounts which is the platform we will be using for all of our exams and projects. After the lab, I spent some time in the library doing some work. This year, my goal is to get most of my work done early in the week and on my off day from field hockey, so I feel less anxious throughout the week. That night, we had our first Women In Business meeting! 

Tuesday and Wednesday were typical days of classes, lift, and field hockey. We had more running on Tuesday which was hard, but felt very rewarding after. Jack and I went to Dunkin’ on Wednesday morning. 

Rush began with a Meet The Greeks event on Thursday. It was exciting to get an introduction and see a little bit about what each sorority was about. Besides, Meet The Greeks, it was another typical day. During practice, we worked on lots of penalty corners because we played Saint Louis on Friday. My amazon package with my Lulu dupe pink shorts, pink flare jeans, and white ruffle top came! (My claw clips and Urban Outfitters dupe also came this week… I still need to pick them up). I’ve still been reading Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld. Some parts of the plot are predictable, but the book is still very engaging and a needed change of speed from my recent nonfiction kick. This week, I have also been frequenting Argo (a coffee/tea place on campus) for my raspberry mocha iced coffee with almond milk.

Friday was a very exciting day! I slept in because my lecture was recorded. We played Saint Louis in our first conference game and I got to play my first collegiate minutes! This goes out to anyone reading who has ever doubted themselves or wanted to give up on themselves. Hard work truly pays off in so many gratifying ways. My all time favorite example is Tom Brady. Right after the game, I had to head to the first official day of Rush. To be completely honest, I’m not sure what I am allowed to say about the events and not say, so I will spare details. The first day was four rounds of sisterhood.
I started Saturday morning with a MASS sprint run. One thing I miss about high school is track workouts. Although the run was a bit hard during it, I felt so invigorated after it and was ready to start my day! We had a team recovery session and I went to Dunkin’ with one of my teammates after to get a large iced coffee to fuel myself for day two of Rush. Day two was another set of sisterhood rounds. The weekend days were long, lots of talking, lots of waiting, and not a lot of food. 

On Sunday, we had our values rounds. This day was somewhat shorter in terms of recruitment because I had field hockey practice break it up in the middle of the day. 

Overall, I will eventually fully disclose my rush experience.(With whatever is allowed to be said. Lots of Panhellenic rules). It’s very interesting to experience it and compare it to everything seen on social media. Every chapter is different and even every university is different. Everything in life is a learning experience and God brings every single moment, feeling, experience, hardship, gift, gratification, and person into our life for a reason. It would be a shame if we didn’t take things away from each or learn from each. I was able to meet many people in my building I didn’t know and many girls who are also business majors! 

However, moving forward I am happy to have more time in my schedule again and have a little bit more time to breathe. I’m excited to continue conference play and use this next week and next month to really develop my hockey skills and enjoy all these special times I have with my teammates. Life moves so fast, we cannot let the good times pass us by! I love you all and hope you can also take the time to appreciate everything that’s happening around you at the moment!




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