FDOC and Life Update

Life is back in full swing and I have been all over the place attempting to organize everything and create a new routine. I’ve missed a few Weeks In The Life, so I thought I would throw together a cumulative life update from the past four or so weeks. Classes have started and preseason has ended. Campus life is back to being full (very very full) and things are feeling complete yet quite chaotic. 

I’ve finally moved all of my things up to the 20th floor! I love my roommate. We get along very well. This year, I was put into a forced triple, but there’s only the two of us so far, so we are hoping things stay the same. Our view is beautiful and thank God we have an elevator. 20 flights of stairs during the two move-in days was exhausting. 

Today was the second day of classes and so far I already had all of my classes, except for my Operations In Management Lab which occurs on Mondays. Since fall semester is our season, all of my classes are in the morning because we have an afternoon practice block. Luckily, I don’t have any 8ams this year. (My earliest class is at 9). I am only taking four classes this semester- International Horror, Oceanology, Calc 127, and Operations in Management. All of them, minus the math, are actually very interesting courses. Math has never been my forte- so hopefully moving into a higher level math than I was taking last year will be a smooth transition. 

Of course, since being back I have already been to almost all of my favorite spots on and off campus. I am literally typing this from the 14th floor of the library with my iced coffee (yes it is 10pm, yes I mostly just came here to blog for the aesthetic). After class on Tuesday, I returned to Carney Cafe for my iced caramel macchiato and to sit in Isenberg for a little while. Off campus, Goodwill and Salvation Army have already been visited. Coffee has been purchased from Shelburne and Share. 

The chronic sore throat has returned which is honestly a college classic. However, it hasn’t fully taken me out yet which is always a benefit. My eating habits have been pretty consistent. So happy to be back having fam dinners in Berk!  I tend to fall out of line with my water drinking, but that’s been an extreme work in progress. 

Overall, I am in a good place right now. Things are starting to pick up, so I know that the change in pace may lead to a bit more increased anxiety as expected. This weekend, we are off to Iowa for two field hockey matches against Iowa and Providence College. Away trips are fun, but the travel can add a bit of stress with classes. This year, I only miss one class on Fridays which is lovely and makes my life a lot easier. We also only travel three or four (give or take) weekends that are considered long travel weekends. I am excited for this weekend! 

I hope all’s well (that ends well)! Sorry for the quick Taylor reference there. It’s Red Season, I had to do it. But seriously, I really am wishing everyone the best right now, especially if you’re transitioning back to school and trying to get back into your own routine or formulate a new one. Remember to take time for yourself everyday!! We are nothing without self care!




3 responses to “FDOC and Life Update”

  1. Hang in there! Sounds like more than half-time. 🤔Much love to you Hanna.


    1. Thank you so much!! I hope all is well!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The challenges today are so intense. Hats off to you. Big hugs dear!💞💞💞💞


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