A Week In The Life 8/8/22

Another Monday, another Week In The Life. I am finally back to a refined schedule, so my content should also be more refined and on time! Oh early August, packing, cleaning, tying up loose ends at home, and preseason. There are not enough people fortunate enough to participate in a fall sport preseason. It’s helpful being on campus a few weeks early in order to get acclimated and settled before everyone else arrives. This time grants us lots of time to simply focus on hockey and athletic performance. Some days you wake up with sore hips and a stiff back and other mornings you wake up feeling refreshed from your ice bath the day before. It’s all in the good nature and the pursuit of perfecting your craft!

This Monday, I still had my family from Chicago in town for their yearly visit. We are very blessed every year that they are able to make the trip out to see us and we always hope to reunite on a Florida trip each spring (hoping to plan a winter one as well this year! We will see..)When they visit we always go to Nu Kitchen for breakfast because it’s one of their favorites and one of our favorites! The Maui acai bowl is insane. After we said our goodbyes for what could either be a year or only four short months, my mom, grandma, and I made the trip out to Goodwill on Comm Ave in Boston. This summer, we have picked up a SERIOUS thrift addiction. Let me tell you- this Goodwill did not disappoint! I was able to score Lululemon, Lilly Pulitzer, Kate Spade, Princess Polly, and Kendal & Kylie. All for very very discounted prices of course. That night, Jack and I went mini golfing and hangout for the last time that I would be home for the summer.

A sigh of relief for finishing the field hockey fitness test on Tuesday! Time to pack and prepare for my official return to campus on Wednesday. That night, we celebrated Owen’s birthday by playing Uno at Uno’s. (You don’t understand how long we’ve talked about doing this.) It only took us all summer to coordinate it! I said bye to Brooke and Bryn before they returned to school. (Brooke to USC that Friday and Bryn to her semester in Hawaii at the end of the month.) I already miss you two and cannot wait to see you Thanksgiving (sorry Bryn I will see you in December!). 

Wednesday morning I returned back to Amherst in time for our compliance and team meetings. Happy official preseason!

Time for double hockey sessions on Thursday. We started the morning session with a “shake out” scrimmage to get back into playing together and really shake off any of the remaining rust. I loved getting right back into playing before doing drills in the following session that afternoon. 

Another set of double sessions on Friday. In between sessions, we often eat a late breakfast/lunch. Technically, I wouldn’t consider it a brunch because it’s more lunch food at a breakfastish time. Before the second session, I caught up on Big Brother. That night for dinner, I had one of my UMass favorites- Salmon. (Lilly- I miss you and please come back soon for our salmon dinner nights!)

Last double session for a few days on Saturday! After hockey, I finished Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen. It was a very interesting biography. I love Bruce Springsteen and found his story inspiring. I cannot wait to see him this upcoming March!

After our single session on Sunday morning we took ice baths in order to help our muscles and recover. I started reading Silver Girl by Elin Hilderbrand to switch from all of the nonfiction that I’ve been reading. This is a relaxing beach and summer read to finish out August reading. I also stopped at Shelburne Falls Coffee Roasters and got an iced cake batter cold brew. I watched the sunset with some of my teammates before catching up on Big Brother in bed.

The Amherst weekly content is back!!! If any locals or any UMass students have any coffee, lunch, bookstore, thrift store, or any local recommendations please leave them below. I feel like I didn’t get off campus enough last year. Of course, I found Shelburne, Share, and Goodwill, but I am always open to more suggestions. For those of you in preseason- I know you’re killing it, those preparing for back to school- I’m excited for you, and to everyone I hope you’re soaking up the gorgeous month of August.



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Silver Girl https://www.amazon.com/Silver-Girl-Novel-Elin-Hilderbrand/dp/0316099678/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1G3AR8B1CGWNH&keywords=silver+girl&qid=1660606827&s=books&sprefix=silver+girl%2Cstripbooks%2C79&sr=1-1


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