Orleans, Cape Cod

Salt air, porch sunsets, morning kayak trips, night beach walks, and reading for hours on the beach. So beyond happy to be on my family vacation week in Orleans, Cape Cod. We hold this last week of July that we spend on Nauset Beach so sacred and so special to all of us. It is a unique version of Christmas in July with all of our yearly traditions we do each year. Normally, we see a movie at the Drive Inn one night (Grease and Footloose are playing on Tuesday), go bowling and get barbecue, and spend a morning seal spotting and shopping in Chatham to name a few. Of course, we spend the short days we have here soaking up the sun on the beach wishing that everyday could be this easy. 

I truly wish I could share this place with every person that I find just as special as Orleans, Massachusetts. Unfortunately, the way life goes I may not get to experience this place with all the people I love. However, I can create a quick guide of all the things you must do and places you must go (IMO) so you can enjoy this lovely corner of life!


There is one and only one answer for this category. Nauset Beach of course, our chocolate lab’s namesake and where I grew up learning to love the beach. Each year we stay on the inlet and are able to kayak and crab on the inlet side and walk over to the Nauset side for the waves, smooth rocks, and gorgeous sunsets. Naturally, the thrill of potentially seeing a shark is exciting too.


Who would I be without a little bit of shopping? (Or a lot…)We have three major stores in town that we adore and always return to year round. The first one is a visitor’s paradise and a predictable classic- Nauset Surf Shop. The quintessential Cape surf store with boards, stickers, sunscreen, beachy jewelry, and the merchandise so of course you can let everyone know you summered on Nauset beach even if you’ve never touched a surfboard in your life. The second is another clothing/accessory store but in true Hannah fashion this one is a thrift store! Literally my all time favorite thrift store ever- Local Colour Retail Boutique. This is home to where I’ve bought my Michael Kors brown work bag, Lilly Pulitzer dresses, Pink yoga pants, Tory Burch sandals, and my mom even found herself a Louis Vuitton bag! Finally, Cure Wellness Collective! This is where we get all of our skincare and self care essentials. Home to my beloved pink Mantra face wash!

Coffee, Breakfast, and Ice Cream

Definitely an interesting description, but I thought I should throw ice cream in there. As for coffee and breakfast we love Jo Mama’s New York Style Bagels  for iced coffee and bagels. I never truly knew what New York style  bagels meant until I went to college, became friends with New Yorkers, and went to New York and tried a real NY style bagel. Y’all know I am in love with my iced coffee and everything bagel with avocado combination. We also love The Corner Store, more iced coffee and where my dad gets his breakfast burrito. As for ice cream, my mom is one of the biggest ice cream fans of all time. The Ice Cream Cafe is our go to spot. They have a wide variety of flavors and include Vegan flavors which is helpful for me and my dad. Ice cream doesn’t always sit right with me. I love their cake batter, cookies and cream, and salty caramel (vegan).

Lunch and Dinner

I feel like lunch and dinner both constitute real meals so I grouped them together. These are both interchangeable- you could have lunch or dinner at these places. First, for all of its tradition and merit it holds I had to begin with Cooke’s Seafood. (If you’re with Hunter, pronounced Cookies.) This is an annual dinner for me and Hunter with amazing lobster rolls and the largest and thickest milkshakes. Another favorite which is more of a fast food vibe is The Knack. Another place for a lobster roll or just a burger and fries! Finally, another family classic where we have lots of memories is Land Ho. Another great pub-like restaurant to accommodate all types of eaters. I love their nachos, scallops, and burgers!

Overall, my family and I truly cherish our July week down here. Most of it stems from the love of the sunshine and the beach, but another part of it is that we are all in one place at the same time. All 51 other weeks of the year are jam-packed with work, sports schedules, homework, personal trips, and me being at school. We love this week and all of the many memories that come with it!



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