The Last Two Weeks of Travel

Another writing hiatus as I have spent the last two weeks traveling and really spending time with friends and family! Instead of doing two individual weeks in the life, I decided to combine the last two weeks into one article.

Mahopac, New York

From July 2nd through July 4th I was in an Air B n B in Mahopac, New York with my friends from college. We arrived around 3 on the 2nd and left at 11 on the 4th, so it really ended up being only two half days and one full day. Since our time was very short, we didn’t do much outside the house. We did all of our own cooking and it was enjoyable to be with my friends from UMass again considering everyone is from all over the place! The weather blessed us with lots of sun and only one night of light rain granting us the ability to spend time outside playing wiffle ball and spikeball. 

Wells, Maine

A quick turnaround from the Fourth of July trip. On July 5th, my family drove up to Wells, Maine to visit my grandparents for the night. The weather was not as warm and sunny as New York- so we spent time in the indoor pool and hot tub. We went to the Save Haven Humane Society Thrift Shop where all the books were 50% off. I left with Bill Clinton’s My Life Book, a huge golf book for Jack, a relaxation drawing book, Whiskey in A Teacup by Reese Witherspoon, and another US history book. Afterwards, all six of us (me, Hunter, my grandparents, and my parents) ate at Litchfield’s Bar and Grille where I had an amazing caesar salad with salmon. Although we were only in Maine for literally less than 24 hours we were able to pack in a lot- afterwards we walked around Kennebunkport and got ice cream. That night, Hunter, my mom, and I played our favorite card game Dunce. 

Dennis, Cape Cod

On July 7th, Lizzie and I made the drive to Dennis to visit Lilly! We started our trip with Dunkin of course and then drove to The Mercantile in Dennis where Lilly works. They have self serve coffee which is my favorite so you can make it exactly to your liking. Unfortunately, I dropped it in an antique store an hour later… I also had an amazing everything bagel with avocado. One of my favorite cheat breakfasts. We checked out a few of the local stores and ended up buying matching beach shorts from Surge Boutique. I also bought a dainty cross necklace and my new beach hat! There was an adorable art studio next door. We then spent the rest of the afternoon on Corporation Beach and Lilly joined us once her shift was over. 

Duxbury, Massachusetts

The next morning, on July 8th, my parents and I drove to Duxbury where our family friends live. My dad and Kevin did their own thing for the day and the five of us (me, my mom, Mary, Taryn, and Maeve) spent the morning shopping. At Duxbury Thrift, I thrifted two Lilly Pulitzer dresses and an American Eagle Sundress ($8). The green strapless Lilly was $12 and the Tiffany blue shift dress with scalloped bottom was $28. There is no feeling more gratifying than thrifting name brands and saving over 90%. Maeve introduced me to the cutest store called Apricot Lane where I purchased a hot pink tank top that is perfect for white jeans. We ate at one of their favorite local restaurants, The Anchor, where I had a mexican bowl that was (brace yourself) better than Chipotle. That’s coming from me- one of the largest Chipotle advocates. The morning had been a bit cloudy and not quite beach weather, but after we ate the sun came out and we spent a few hours sitting on Duxbury Beach. Marylou’s and a turtle iced coffee closed out our Duxbury trip. However, we planned another girl’s trip to Nantucket!

Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire

That night after Duxbury, I drove to Jack’s house on Lake Winnipesaukee. We took the boat out and caught the end of the sunset and then had a nice fire overlooking the lake. The next day, we went jet skiing with his parents, and then took it out a few more times. I had never been jet skiing before and was afraid at first but I ended up loving it! We attended a grad party and spent the rest of the afternoon on the water and on the paddle boards. Jack built a Mancala board that we found rocks for, so many many mancala games were played. (Just want to point out that I won every single one but one xoxo). We watched the sunset on the boat again and it was absolutely beautiful with lots of shades of pink. The next morning, we took the jet ski to Wolfeboro and got coffee at the Downtown Grille Cafe, another place where you can do it yourself which is perfect, and walked around the shops for a little while. Later that afternoon, we took a boat ride with his parents and their friends to Governor’s Island where there are tons of extravagant houses on the water. My favorite house to look at on the lake (besides Jack’s ofc) is an absolutely gorgeous white house that looked like it was picked up from South Carolina and dropped on the water. We went out for dinner and looked out at the lake that night!  I loved being on the water and it tired me out so much every night. 

Overall, the last two weeks of travel were truly what my soul needed! I love seeing new places and trying new coffee places wherever I go. Now I am back settled in Amherst and I miss being by a body of water, but I am ready to get myself back into a solid routine in a singular place. If you have the chance to go somewhere new- always take it! Hope all is well!!




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