Fourth of July Essentials 2022

Happy Fourth of July week!! My favorite holiday from the fireworks, to the country music, and to the red, white, and blue. I love celebrating my country and the peak of summer. This year, I’ll be in an air B and B in New York with my friends from UMass! Of course, I have a list of holiday themed essentials for you all!! 

  1. Sunset Pictures

This is an all summer long essential! However, the sunset beach or boat pictures for the Fourth are the best!! Get a cute red bathing suit from Target and pair it with some blue star sunglasses for the perfect post.

  1. Festive Bathing Suits

I am a huge advocate for Target bathing suits. Every year they outdo themselves with their holiday collections. I also love bright blue for the summer!

  1. Little White Sundresses

All. Summer. Long. In the heat of the summer we encentuate our tans with little white sundresses. These are also perfect for your sunset pictures! Pair them with the barefoot summer girl look or a pair of cute gold heels for dinner with a view. Target has had some stunning ones this year so has American Eagle.

  1. Courtesy of The Red White and Blue by Toby Keith

The angry American. Any form of American loving country music must be blasted on the Fourth. I love, love, love, this song. “It’ll feel like the whole wide world is raining down on you. Brought to you courtesy of the red, white, and blue.”

  1. Bomb Pops 

I don’t care if you’re five or fourty-seven, these are the best summer treats. They’re even red, white, and blue!

  1. White Nails

Another summer essential, but especially for holding sparklers! I love adding a form of glitter or even some blue detail!

I hope you all have a sparkly Fourth of July! This is my favorite holiday for the festivities- the fireworks, fires, barbeques, and time with friends. But, it is also my favorite holiday in recognizing our beautiful country and how blessed we are to live here. Independence is a lovely thing that we sometimes take for granted. I also take the time to think about and thank all of those who have served our country, including my papa! Love to you all!!! 



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