A Week In The Life 6/13/22

A little bit late on this Week In The Life! I am currently writing this while I wait for my lobster roll at The Knack in Orleans before I catch the sunset on Nauset. I wish my life was like this everyday! I’ve been back and forth from the Cape working with Cape Cod Field Hockey. It has been one of my favorite job experiences so far. 

On Monday I had the day off of work and I gave myself the day off from driving or leaving the house after the gym. I finally finished The Menendez Murders. For anyone interested in true crime and the whole process of a court case, life in jail, and their family history- it was a great book!! I didn’t start anything lighter because I am now reading American Psycho. But, I plan on reading something lighter and more summery after, most likely another Elin Hilderbrand. We finally set up our Fourth Of July plans for a weekend in New York. I wrapped up my relaxing night by finishing The Titanic. The ending was so disappointing and didn’t satisfy what my heart wanted! It’s okay, I survived and to say that I would definitely recommend this movie.

Tuesday, after the gym I made my return to the Cape. I tried the salted caramel iced coffee from Nirvana, where my friend Katy works, before teaching a field hockey lesson to two sisters. I love the lessons because there’s so much individual focus and we have time to develop the skills the player really wants to work on. It also gives me time to get to know the players as people! Bryn, Norah, and I went out to dinner at The Courtyard and I had a burger. When I’m on the Cape I allow myself to cheat my healthy eating habits and have more indulgent meals. 

Wednesday morning I had two field hockey lessons with the sweetest set of twins. One of them was a goalie which gave me a chance to experiment with different goalie drills. We found some fun ones with tennis balls and some other shooting drills, but with more focus on different ways to stop the ball and less focus on the shot. I was done by 11am, so I took advantage of my day and drove to my favorite part of the Cape, Orleans. I spent my day on the beach at Priscilla Landing taking walks and just laying out. Jack came to visit so we went to dinner at  The Stomping Grounds Grille in Buzzards Bay. It was just over the bridge. I had another amazing cheat meal of lobster ravioli- literally haven’t stopped thinking about it.  We watched the sunset on a local beach and it was beautiful! 

I had another day off on Thursday and it wasn’t ideal beach weather so Bryn and I ran some errands with her mom and just relaxed. We went to Bob’s Furniture for the first time (they have complimentary coffee and candy so I am suddenly a huge furniture shopping girl). They were in search of sage green fabric to redo the seats in their dining room. Unfortunately, we had a hard time finding the shade of sage Bryn had in mind but we found a wicked summery coral! On the beach, we went for a walk in search of shells. That night I went to Target for some groceries and ended up spending an hour in Barnes and Noble taking pictures of all the books I potentially want to come back and buy (As if the stack of books I have to read isn’t already large enough). However, some of the interesting titles I found include The Kennedy Curse by Edward Klein, The 60s The Story of a Decade by the New Yorker, Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen, and The Home-Wreckers by Mary Kay Andrews. When I returned to Katy’s that night, we had some tea, caught up, and sort of watched The Celtics game. 

Katy was working at Nirvana on Friday morning so I visited her and tried a Cookies and Cream iced coffee. Amazing! I loved it and I love the coffee shop vibe of Nirvana. It was a slightly overcast morning, so not ideal for the beach. I took a three or so mile (round trip) walk to Parnassus Book Service. As if I need anymore books. Their outside section has an assortment of books for $1-$5. Let me defend my purchases by saying- these books are way cheaper than Barnes and Noble and I am supporting a local business! I found a small $2 book, The Clinton Enigma by David Maraniss. This is a very thin book so it will most likely be a one day read. Inside, I looked into the US history section (I know, I never knew I was a history junkie until this summer). I ended up buying a $13 book called Conspiracy- The Plot To Stop The Kennedys by Matthew Smith. Once Katy got out of work, we went to a few local Barnstable stores and I ended up picking up a navy blue mug with a white outline of the Cape for Father’s Day. After two field hockey lessons, I stopped at Tropical Smoothie Cafe for one of the best chicken cesar wraps and Marylou’s for a turtle iced coffee for my drive home. 

Saturday I coached a u14 team at a local tournament! I was able to come home and relax for the rest of the day. On Sunday, I coached a u19 team at another local tournament. I love having the ability to coach different teams and different age groups. It really gives me a greater perspective of different field hockey skill sets and different ways of playing the game. Since it was Father’s Day, we went to my Aunt’s house and caught up with family. It’s always refreshing to see everyone!

This week was lots of field hockey and Cape time which I absolutely loved. I didn’t read a lot of American Psycho, but I plan on reading more this week. One of my favorite songs this week was Flower Shops by Earnest and Morgan Wallen. I have been doing well with my healthy eating and plan on continuing my new habits. My finance skills are improving ever slightly and have a ways to go but at least they are seeing positive change. I’ll be honest, my cleanliness in my own room at home hasn’t been the best, but I have been on the go a lot this past week. 

I hope everyone is having a stellar summer! Soak up the sun and enjoy some of the best months of the year! Sending love!!



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Flower Shops by Ernest and Morgan Wallen https://open.spotify.com/album/5gdgH8d7W2KwkK03Ea0vpi?highlight=spotify:track:2ccuOtUjIyx3tPcsnpeBzJ


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