Summer 2022 Goals

As we get closer to June, I decided to construct a list of my summer 2022 goals. I love setting goals for myself in order to gauge my improvement. In the last six months I have seen lots of improvement in my mental health. I obviously plan on continuing that growth and that journey, which means there are always things I need to work on in order to better myself. 

  1. Become a cleaner person

Anyone who knows me knows that I keep my living spaces from my room to my car a disaster. I had always excused it as being an escape from anxiety, by having no stress about cleaning I could make things as messy as possible. It’s actually a scientific fact that living in unclean living spaces can worsen anxiety and depression. I am taking steps everyday to organize my room and to keep things neat. Since coming home from school, I have rearranged my room and gotten rid of many things I no longer used. 

  1. Improve my finances

One thing I know about myself is that I love to shop and I have the worst money spending/saving habits. Throughout the school year it’s difficult for me to work due to my rigorous field hockey and school schedule. I’ve decided I need to start working on my budgeting now. This includes making my own coffee at home, saving my money more, and finding different ways to save money while shopping. 

  1. Less screen time

This one may seem like a contradiction, since I am trying to gain traction as a social media influencer. By this one, I mean spending more time away from my phone when I am with my friends or family or even when I am spending time doing self care. I often find myself aimlessly scrolling and so intrigued by what other people are doing. At night, I spend so much time on my phone before I fall asleep which causes me to stay up later than I would like. During this time before bed, I am trying to create a habit of reading or writing in bed. 

  1. Dress Better

At school, I got into a sweatshirts/sweatpants habit. This is not a bad thing at all! It’s just very different from the way I was in high school. I love dressing up and with the way I shop and thrift- I should be utilizing those new outfits!

  1. Cleaner Eating

A major work in progress. I am trying to really hone in on my dietary habits so that when I return back to school, I don’t fall back into the same unhealthy habits.

  1. Less Naps

One of the hardest habits to break. Everyday around 1-5pm I am exhausted, no matter what time I wake up or what time I go to bed. I often give in to myself and treat myself to a nap. Which is not a bad thing once in a while or when my body really needs it. However, training my body to be used to taking a nap at a certain time everyday causes me to expect one everyday. I tend to sleep most of the day away and become unproductive. When I return to school for fall semester, my practice schedule will be from 2:30-6 which is during my favorite time to nap. I will not be able to give into it then, so I need to practice it now.

Breaking bad habits or even just trying to make adjustments to things you’re used to doing daily can be really difficult. I know that my healthy eating journey has been an up and down road for years, and I haven’t been able to grasp a consistent healthy diet. However, taking things one day at a time and really focusing on what you want to work on  will lead to more noticeable results. I hope everyone is having an amazing summer so far! Let me know some of your summer 2022 goals!




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