Charleston South Carolina 2022

Happy Saturday! I took the week off from blogging as I finished my finals and took a three day trip to Charleston South Carolina with my mom and grandma! As anyone who has been reading since March knows, I was previously in Columbia South Carolina visiting Brooke at USC for spring break. After that trip I was inspired to explore more parts of South Carolina and the south itself (I hope to eventually visit Savannah,Georgia and return to the OBX).

I returned from school on Thursday afternoon and had a quick turn around heading back to Elizabeth Ann’s for the weekend and then leaving my house at 4:30 AM on Monday! We had an 8am flight and luckily had an hour and a half to spare before it. I absolutely love the airport, but hate it when I feel rushed and stressed. Prior to the flight, I got a cake batter iced coffee with oat milk (they were out of almond milk… I would not recommend this combination it was way too creamy) at Dunkin’ and caught up with the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial. I literally cannot wait until May 27th when they both have to give their final statements.

We had a relatively short and very smooth flight. We went right into downtown Charleston after we touched down in South Carolina. (Count how many times I say Charleston or South Carolina throughout this seriously). It was stunning and we were overwhelmed with all the stores and attractions. There were horse drawn tours all over. We checked out the markets first which were adorable and were like an indoor farmer’s market. There were lots of paintings and photography (which of course gives me and my mom hope that with the minimal artistic talents we have, we can start an art business). I bought a daisy diffuser bracelet from one of the vendors. Daisies symbolize innocence and faith. I finally got to see Love Shack Fancy in real life! Such a cute southern store, that is unfortunately very out of my price range. Their Brandy Melville was huge and I bought a light blue and gray dress and silver hoop earrings. I always capitalize whenever I go to a Brandy because the closest one at home is in Boston and I go once a year, if that.

I vowed that while I was away I would try different local coffee places instead of my typical Starbucks and Dunkins. My caramel iced coffee with almond milk (although it is often the same order, I can justify it being different by being from a different place) from Maccaro which was like a boba/bubble tea type place was amazing! The owners were an adorable and wicked friendly couple.

    My highlight of Monday was seeing the smallest black kitten with light eyes that a police officer had rescued from the engine of a car. It fit perfectly in the palm of his hand. That night we went on a ghost tour throughout the downtown. Fun fact- Charleston is one of the most haunted cities in America and is also one of the most historical. I lean towards history/english more than math/science so I found the tour interesting. 

    On Tuesday we dipped into my list of attractions I wanted to find from Outer Banks. Anyone who knows me knows I’ve watched the second season on the upmost of seven times. We started our morning at Shem Creek, which was where most of the Pogue water scenes were and could see Hayward’s and The Wreck in the distance. For coffee we tried Brown Fox Coffee which was an outdoor cafe. My vanilla iced coffee with almond milk was one of the top ten iced coffees I’ve ever had! 

I feel like it truly wouldn’t be a blog post if I didn’t mention thrifting. We went to a Goodwill and since we were down south, I was in search of shirts/sweatshirts with Greek letters since sororities are huge in the South. I didn’t end up finding my letters, but I found brand new gold Michael Kors summer heels for only $7. That’s one of my all time favorite thrift finds! I also got a Gamecock sweatshirt (shoutout Brooke) a Carolina tee and a Navy shirt (shoutout my Uncle Jon).

We spent a lot of time outside in the sunshine and visited Boone Hall where we got a tour of the house from The Notebook. There was a serene butterfly conservatory where we got to be up close with monarch butterflies. A heartbreaking fact about butterflies is that they often only live for two weeks. After spending the afternoon in the sun we were starving, maybe borderline hangry, and we ate lunch on the water. We found a cute bead store where we bought beads to start our summer crafting projects. Rainbow Row in Charleston was gorgeous. The pastel colors were most of my favorites!

    Wednesday was our last full day and we took it slow and really soaked up the final day. We started our morning off with a walk along Folly Beach where we collected many shells. My mom hopes to paint and decorate oyster shells. I was in search of a Charleston comfort colors tee which I found a wicked cute one with a puppy on it from a store in the beach town! 

            After the beach, we visited the Angel Oak tree! The largest and oldest tree in South Carolina. It was also featured in the second season of Outer Banks! 

We spent the last of our final day relaxing and hitting all of the stores we had missed on the first two days. There was a cat lounge where for $10 you could spend 30 minutes in a room full of cats you could pet. I was in heaven- they were so adorable and the concept was so creative! It was such a beautiful and relaxing trip. We were blessed to have not yet gorgeous South Carolina weather. I was able to get some sun without frying to death. Spending time with my mother and grandmother was also very nice!

          More content to come now that summer has begun!! Sending love!



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