A Week In The Life 5/2/22

Happy Monday! I missed my other article on Saturday, but I am officially done with my freshman year on Wednesday and I will have a lot more coming each week! I am currently writing this outside the Honors College sitting in the sun and studying for my math exam tomorrow. Yes, I am also listening to Taylor. 

This week was sad because one by one people have begun to go home for the summer. Classes finished on Wednesday and campus feels so different without having class.

On Monday we had a banquet for all of UMass athletics. I love any excuse to dress up and it was a very pleasant event. Other than that, I had my last real Italian class and began studying for my speaking exam on Monday. In high school Spanish we did lots of speaking exams and exercises but this was my first Italian speaking exam. I also finished my study abroad application besides my transcript request! If all works out, I will be taking Fashion Retail Management or Introduction to Digital Photography in January.

Since Education and Film is over, I didn’t have any classes on Tuesday. I had my last individual field hockey session. Bryn came to visit!! We got gelato from Blue Wall with Brendan (first time I’ve gotten gelato there). Of course, there was a Goodwill expedition. Which actually was my last thrift trip of the year unless my mom wants to go on Thursday… (I know you’re reading this!!)

My speaking exam went way better than I expected it to on Wednesday. My pronunciation is finally leaning more towards Italian than Spanish which has been an adjustment because the only foregin language I’ve learned since 7th grade was Spanish. I spent the rest of my afternoon doing work in Argo. Another one of my favorite study places because it’s often quiet with minimal people and distractions. 

Thursday was the official first day without classes. After brunch, Lizzie, Lilly, and I went to the field to just hit around and get some touches. The UV was 7, which was perfect for finally getting some color, but I have not been used to the heat. There was a carnival being held by UMass in Southwest (our residential area). So after, we met up with Hannah and walked around for a little while. They had the most adorable animals. My favorite was the baby pig. The Conservatory was especially pretty with all of the sunlight! 

Friday was our last fam dinner with all six of us. Literally insane how we are already packing and moving to go home. My packing process started on Friday and is definitely a work in progress. I’ve designated Wednesday as my full packing day. Obviously, I have to mention This Love (Taylor’s Version) coming out! This is the only song from 1989 written solely by Taylor herself. One of the lyrically prettiest and slower songs on the album it captures the essence of an on and off love story. I also love the reference to Wildest Dreams within the song. (“In silent screams/in wildest dreams/I never dreamed of this). Predicting that maybe she will drop 1989 on Friday the 13th! I keep up with way too many other Swifties who make predictions and read into everything, so I do the same. Imagine a 1989 summer.

Saturday was another slow day of studying and hanging out. I met my roommates for next year!! I studied more for my Math exam. Later, Hannah, Lizzie, Katie, and I played Uno. (Thinking of you- Brooke and Bryn). 

I think Sunday was the most stereotypical Sunday you could have. I slept in and spent the morning in bed. Kelly, Chris, Jack, and I went golfing. Chris and Jack golfed, Kelly and I drove the carts. But, if I’m wearing a skirt and driving the cart I feel like I’m doing the parts of golf I actually enjoy… I hope to learn this summer because golfing is a business essential. Then I studied more for my Math exam and ended my night watching The Girl From Plainville on Hulu. It’s a TV series inspired by the Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy suicide story. 

My last full week being at school slipped away, but it was also a positive to have more time to spend with everyone before we return home. My essentials this week include Ari by Ariana Grande and my favorite fine tip colored pens. When my notes are pink I genuinely feel like I retain the information better. Obviously the song of this week is This Love (Taylor’s Version). 

This next week I am striving to pass my Math final tomorrow and complete my Econ final. I know packing is going to be a time consuming project, but I am so excited to unpack everything at home. When I go home I am redoing my entire room and selling all my clothes that I don’t wear! We will be going to South Carolina next week, so I will be making an itinerary for that!! Have an amazing day!!



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  1. Americaoncoffee Avatar

    Happy May Hanna and happy new week. You are busy! You have accomplished much! Cheers! 👏 I think you’re simply sparkling up for summer. You’ve found the perfect reasons to dress up. Peace and blessings to you dear heart.

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