A Week In The Life 4/25/22

Happy Wednesday! Two days late on my Week In The Life this week. It has been crazy fitting everything in before next week! I apologize for the delay in this last week!

Monday morning Kelly and I started off the day with a relaxing yoga class at the recreation center. I love beginning my day with some form of physical activity. I also visited the study abroad office on Monday to begin my application process for Florence! I would love to do a January abroad at The Florence University of The Arts. Then that night, Kelly, Grace, and I made a glitter poster for the boys’ softball game. Nothing I love more than glitter…

Tuesday Mattea and I had our last Education and Film class. It was sad because that had been my favorite class! Luckily, our final is an online written essay (my fav). That night we watched the boys’ softball game in the rain!

We love a self care Wednesday!! After Italian, Lizzie, Lilly, and I tried People’s Market in the student union. It’s a student-run self-serve bakery. They also sell people’s art work and handcrafted jewelry. Literally finding all these new places on campus a week before going home! On our way to Isenberg we saw the sheep they had on campus for a few days. They were so so cute!! I studied for my math final (next Tuesday!). It wouldn’t be a self care Wednesday without a Goodwill and Dunkin run. Surprisingly, I didn’t buy anything at Goodwill. But, Dunkin’ has its new summer menu out!! I tried the cake batter iced coffee with almond milk which is now my new go to coffee order. That night we went to the boys’ softball game again!

Don’t worry, Thursday I did return to Goodwill with my mom. (Haul coming soon). She came to visit for the morning after my field hockey running test which completed my spring season and my first year of collegiate field hockey!! This year felt like one of the most dynamic years and fastest years of my life. We just had a slow and relaxing morning hitting all of our favorite Amherst stores and Dunkin’ of course. 

On Friday I had my last Education and Film discussion. On my way back, I checked out the pop up thrift they had on campus, but there was nothing exciting. Katie, Catherine, Lilly, Lizzie, Hannah and I took a walk to CVS, Goodwill (I didn’t buy anything again) and Dunkin. That night, I took one of the best naps of my life. I have been very tired lately. 

Saturday, Lizzie, Hannah and I walked to The Works and got some school work done. It was a slow and relaxing Saturday- nothing very exciting!

On Sunday, we saw Jack Harlow. His openers were groups I wasn’t familiar with so I didn’t love their performances. Jack Harlow himself was amazing!!! I was sad he didn’t do Smells Like Incense though. I think my favorite song in person was First Class or Already Best Friends. 

Overall, it was a slow and relaxing yet a chaotic week all at once. I finished out my last full week of classes of my freshman year and my last week of field hockey my freshman year! Following the end of finals week I will be posting an overview of freshman year and what I learned. Moving into this next week, I am just trying to complete everything I need to before I go home so that I can also have sufficient time to pack. I started cleaning and packing yesterday and I can already tell it’s going to be a daunting project. (Also considering any cleaning or packing task takes me FOREVER because I do legit one article of clothing at a time). 

Sending all love and happiness! Happy happy May! 




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  1. Americaoncoffee Avatar

    Happy May to you Hanna! You have been quite busy and seems that you are having fun even in the midst of school tests and pending projects. There are lots of changes happening here at AmericaOnCoffee. May is the start of many coffee brewing trade shows, our itineraries seem to be unending.well at least COVID restrictions are at a halt. Cheers!😐


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