Happy May!! As you all know, May is my all time favorite month. For me, it’s the beginning of the best seven months of the year. There’s something about the anticipation of summer without summer quite being there yet. Everything is starting to heat up, shorts start to come out, ice cream outside is acceptable, and you know soon enough you’ll be listening to Morgan Wallen on the beach. Memorial Day weekend is around the corner, people start opening their pools, and you can have s’mores outside with the comfort of just a sweatshirt. Since this is my favorite month and I’ll be finishing my semester there will probably be a lot more content.(April 2022 in review, May goals, and a Goodwill haul are coming)./’”

I’ve decided to leave a sample of my writing from sophomore year (2019) of high school below. Of course about the golden month of May. 

Only a day separates May first from April 30th but the transition is like nothing else. May is the one month of the year where you wait every waking second for summer to come instead of enjoying the prosperity of the most simple yet most beautiful month of the year. By May everything begins to fall into place when the sun sets later, Meola’s finally opens for the season, and you break out your flip flops that have been in the back of your closet for months. It’s finally time to wear shorts everyday and rompers on occasion. Baseball season is finishing out but you still attend every game in your ripped jean shorts and your not so white converse after they’ve walked the entire field over and over throughout the clay red dirt with a hazelnut swirl iced coffee in your hand that is covered in bracelets that scream summer. Every bone in your body aches for summer, but little do you realize everything before summer is better than summer itself. Because there is nothing more simple than the month of May. You do your homework outside in order to feel the sunshine on your skin and of course your skin is still in the time where half of it is natural tan from hours of spring hockey and the other half is bronzed with the self tanner you drown yourself in so you can prepare for the season ahead. Everyone counts down to the Fourth of July and fireworks but gives no credit to memorial day which is the better version of the Fourth of July. All of your bathing suits and shorts and tank tops are torn from your closet for this one weekend. One of the last weekends in school before summer. 

This is different from my usual posts, but this is one of my favorite pieces that I’ve written. I’ve fallen out of line with my creative writing lately, so looking back on old work always makes me reminisce on what my life was like at that time. However, this is one piece that has always resonated with me and makes me feel the same way every time I reflect on it. The serendipity of spring slipping away into summer. Happy May eve!




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