A Week In The Life 4/18/22

Another Monday, another Week In The Life. I was wrong in my last post about this week being my last week of classes. We have classes until Wednesday next week. 

On Monday, I went to my favorite acai place at home, Nu Kitchen with Katy and Paige. Katy had an extra extended weekend because she goes to Stonehill. It’s always refreshing to see my friends from home. I’ll be living with Katy this June in the Cape. Before I returned to school on Monday, I also got my favorite Love Brulee coffee from Brilla. I was actually so excited to go back to school. Again, we have come so so so far from where I was in January and even further from where I was in October. Lizzie, Lilly, Hannah, Catherine, Katie, and I got dinner and caught up on what we all did on the long weekend. I love debriefing my day every night at dinner and I missed it while I was at home. 

On Tuesday, I wore a camo hat. I’m trying to wear hats more often, I never used to when my hair was wicked short. Usually, I’m also trying to get as much sun as possible on my face. This week I’ve also been loving my pink Saint Christopher necklace. Saint Christopher Get Back necklaces are one of my summer favorites. They sell them at Nauset Surf which is one of my favorite summer stores. I was exhausted from early practice on Tuesday, so I took a long nap (longer than anticipated). After sleeping through my alarm multiple times, I woke up at 9:30 right before Jack’s softball game at 10. 

Wednesday was another day where I took an extended nap. Sometimes after early practice, I am beyond tired by 3pm. I had an individual field hockey session on Wednesday where I worked on my corner inserts, hitting accuracy, and deception skills. Individual sessions are perfect for fitness training and for 1 on 1 feedback. I was able to get lots of reps in and feel more confident because I wasn’t as focused about many other people judging my performance. 

My last Thursday Education and Film class was this Thursday. Education and Film ended up being my favorite class that I’ve taken so far at UMass. I really hope that I enjoy International Horror next semester just as much. For our final we have to write an essay based off of a documentary we get to choose to watch. I think I am going to watch Miss Representation, which is about the way females are inaccurately and unequally portrayed in films. 

Friday was a very relaxing day, where surprise, I took another nap. I have been extra tired lately and I think it’s from all of the early field hockey mornings. We had corner practice in the morning where I got to further work on my inserts. I also finished and passed in my third econ exam, which means the only exam I have left is the final one. So crazy!! Kelly and I got lunch at Green Fields where I got my favorite wrap on campus- a pesto chicken wrap with avocado and chickpeas. The wrap also has mozzarella and tomatoes. All of my favorite things!! I talked to my Italian professor about starting the application process for a few week study abroad program in Florence during January. Hopefully it all works out and I’ll be able to take a Fashion Merchandising class and maybe an art class. I would be traveling to Florence University of the Arts. 

I went golfing for the first time with Jack on Saturday. Okay, I’ll be honest, I didn’t golf but I got to wear a golf skirt and drive the cart which is all I would want to take out of golfing. I don’t think I would have the patience to play. Granted, I would just wanna whack the ball as far as I could because of field hockey, so maybe a driving range would be more my speed. However, this experience gives me an excuse to order some Lulu Lemon golf/tennis skirts.

Sunday was another slow moving day. We played UConn at UConn and sadly lost 3-2. That was our last game of the spring season. Once we returned to campus, Mattea and I did some work in the Student Union for Education and Film. I went to the rec center to run on the treadmill and do some arm workouts before I mapped out what I need to do everyday this week in the library. 

For some reason this week felt like it barely even happened! I didn’t have a lot of work, yet everyday seemed to pass by so quickly. Reflecting on this last week, I’ve realized that my eating habits haven’t been amazing lately, so moving into the next week I am trying to eat healthier everyday. It was relaxing to have minimal work this week which allowed me to catch up on my sleep. Even though I often get mad at myself for taking long naps, I also have to appreciate that I am listening to my body and giving it the rest it needs. Looking into the next week, I will continue my positive affirmations and try to take less naps and get as much work done each day in order to set myself up for a successful finals week. My two song essentials this week were Wilder Days by Morgan Wade and Just A Little While by The 502s. I got that song from Tik Tok… But it’s such a windows down spring song. Same with Wilder Days, I can’t wait to be able to drive with the windows down soon. My only product essential this week was my Cotton Candy scrub by Treehut. Obviously, I love anything pink, but it smells so sweet and the scent lasts. It also makes my skin soft!

I hope everyone has an outstanding last week of April! Set yourself up for a stellar week!!



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