A Week In The Life 4/11/22

Happy​ Tuesday! A day off from the usual Monday Week In The Life post. I spent yesterday celebrating Easter Monday and returning back to school from my long weekend! Time to finish off freshman year!

On Monday, I had my math exam. I was so stressed and it turned out fine!! I did my affirmations and got a 92! That’s the proof that I will use that writing affirmations helps you reach your goals. (I was also blasting One Direction on my walk to class…). This week it was finally sunny and enjoyable enough to do work outside!! After my exam, I did work outside at Isenberg. My go to music for studying this week was Fleetwood Mac. (Current fav songs- Dreams, Go Your Own Way, and Landslide). I have also been listening to Dream On by Aerosmith a lot. I’m currently trying to convince my cousin Rachel and my dad to see them in concert in September after my birthday. 

Tuesday was another beautiful day for working and existing outside! I read some of my Elin Hilderbrand outside. Seriously, I cannot imagine what college is like when the weather is always pretty. It was fettuccine alfredo night at Berk. My anxiety peaked on Tuesday night for a little while, but it was nothing crazy. I went to Jack’s intramural softball game that night (10 pm game under the lights on the rec field was fun). 

Wednesday was such a self care day!! I treated myself to an iced caramel macchiato after Italian. (I clarified iced now because I’ve started making and drinking my own hot coffee). After class, Kelly and I went to the conservatory on campus and it was so serene and peaceful. It was absolutely gorgeous and it made me feel like I was in Disney’s Animal Kingdom (Mom- I know you’ll love that reference). There was a pond with orange koi fish and so much green surrounding you. I will put some pictures below. It was so sunny out that we laid out for a few hours “doing work” (Does it count if my laptop is open even if I don’t touch it?). So much so, that I did in fact get my preliminary sunburn. 

Later on that afternoon, Katie, Catherine, Lizzie, Lilly, Hannah, and I walked to Amherst center for Amherst Coffee and Antonio’s. It was my first time at Amherst Coffee and I 10/10 recommend. We got Antonio’s (a UMass classic- I was so happy when they opened one in Worcester 15 minutes from my house) and watched the sunset! Hannah introduced me to the Taylor Swift Hurdle which is like the Wordle, but you have to guess the Taylor Swift song from the first 2 seconds. Right up my alley. 

I’d like to consider Thursday another self care day. My only class for the day was canceled. After practice and lift, I walked to my nail appointment because the weather was perfect for walking. Instead of dip with tip, I got a pink dip with a green and white swirl on my middle and ring finger. I’m trying to grow my nails out, so that I only have to pay for manicures instead of constantly dropping $60 on acrylics. Lizzie and I had Women in Business formal that night, but before that we took a relaxing walk around campus and found ourselves in the student union. In the craft center, we made our own earrings (for the formal and for the future). I paid a little over $5 and made three pairs of earrings! Our formal was so fun, but I think we had more fun getting ready and taking pictures before. 

On Friday, I returned to Orleans, my favorite place on Earth!! I wrote about our cape day excursion on Saturday- I will link the article below! 

On Saturday, we went to Brilla Coffee, my favorite hometown coffee! I got my “Love Brulee” iced coffee which is a vanilla and caramel combination. Then I worked 1-7 at Elizabeth Ann’s. Since prom is a month away, it was a pretty chill work day because most people already have their dresses. Hunter and I had such an elegant dinner out at Domino’s…

Easter Sunday was one of the strangest weather days, but nothing in Massachusetts surprises me anymore. One moment it was beautifully sunny and then the next it was snowing. Holidays are a lovely time to just spend with family, no matter what traditions or what events you do. My dad made an amazing prime rib (I am not a huge carnivore type girl but 8/10 my dad makes something, I will eat it). My nana gifted some of her old jewelry to me and my mom which was so sweet. My mom and I planned our Charleston trip for the end of my semester! We tentatively plan on flying out May 16th and will meet my grandma there and drive the way back with her. I am BEYOND excited to research the filming spots from Outer Banks and visit them. 

I hope everyone had a stellar holiday weekend whether you spent it with friends or family. Reflecting on this week, my anxiety had lots of ups and downs, but my reaction to the way I was feeling was what mattered and I feel like despite feeling a lack of control in my anxiety, I controlled the controllables and had an amazing week for myself! The sunshine was something my soul needed and the time spent with friends and family was uplifting and positive. Maintain a positive mantra always!!



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