Cape Cod 4/15/22

Happy Easter weekend! Yesterday my mom and I went back to the Cape for the day and to some of our favorite places! On our way out of Amherst we stopped at Dunkin of course. Then we went to the Orleans TJ Maxx where I purchased a new white golf skirt (not pictured). Not that I’m an avid golfer but I love the fashion and driving the cart! After TJ Maxx, we went to our favorite skincare and wellness store, Cure Wellness Collective.

The Realist picture. I plan on putting this in a sparkly frame!!
Protect Your Energy grey sweatshirt
My favorite Mantra pink face wash!!

After Cure, we went to one of our favorite bookstores and a few other small local shops. We ate at a fast foodish place called The Knack! Then we went to our favorite thrift store, but struck out. On our way out of Orleans we headed to a Goodwill where we did really well!!

Red runched crop top perfect for 4th of July!! $5
Luke Bryan Sunrise Sunburn Sunset Repeat tee $2
Lee Brice I Drive Your Truck concert tee. I LOVE THIS SONG🤩🤩 $2
Light blue with navy writing Martha’s Vineyard tee $2
Light blue Chatham Squire Tee $2
Coastal blue American flag Black Dog sweatshirt $7

After an amazing Goodwill haul we stopped at Marylous. Marylous is my all time favorite coffee like almost ever. I always get a large turtle iced coffee! Then we stopped on a small street in Hyannis to checkout the Silver Seahorse (as recommended by Lilly). It was such a cute jewelry store, but we didn’t end up buying anything. At a store a few stores down, we bought affirmation necklaces! My mom bought a Libra one and I bought a confidence one so I can work on bringing confidence with me through my last few weeks of school.

I hope you enjoyed this haul! We had ourselves such a relaxing day and it was nice to just spend time and relax! Wishing you all an amazing holiday weekend💗💗




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