A Week In The Life 4/4/22

Happy Monday!! It is the last week before the long Easter weekend and I return to the Cape and home for a few days. I am kind of sad to see this semester fly by though.

On Monday and Tuesday I was still recovering from the flu. My lymph nodes and glands were swollen and it still hurt to talk. I had a presentation for my one credit business seminar on Monday- I thought we were all dressing up and I was the only one to show up in a skirt and heeled boots. It happens! Tuesday, Lilly and I went to an etiquette dinner for Women in Business. It was very informative, granted my eating skills border on being undomesticated. There are many different forks and spoons for each course and there are subtle ways to inform the server you’re done. I tried french onion soup for the first time and really enjoyed it. (I tend not to branch out from what I am used to… college hasn’t changed that, but I have made some progress.) After dinner, I borrowed my roommate’s bike to pick up a prescription from CVS. I forgot how much I love biking and cannot wait to bike on the Cape all summer.

Women in Business Etiquette Dinner menu

Wednesday, I finally returned to practice because most of my flu symptoms were gone. I spent a long time in the library studying for my upcoming math exam. Lately, I have been going to the quiet study sections in the library instead of Isenberg. My top study music this week was the song Slow Down Summer by Thomas Rhett and the Red (Taylor’s Version) album. All Too Well 10 minute version has my heart. I am also a huge Sad Beautiful Tragic fan- so lyrically beautiful. 

On Thursday, I also added Italian 230 to my fall class schedule because I wanted to continue with it next semester. There’s also a class that’s two hours of just speaking Italian, but it didn’t work with my practice schedule. Thursday is avocado toast day at Berk. However, on Thursday I spent from 6pm-12am throwing up because I got a stomach bug. As anyone who knows me or has been reading for a while knows I have emetophobia. We have made hops, skips, jumps, and LEAPS from where I used to be. I have come more to accept it, obviously not enjoy it (I don’t think anyone enjoys throwing up). There’s a lot less fear and anxiety around it. 

Friday morning I woke up feeling better, but fell back asleep until 2:30. Normally, I find sleeping anytime after 12 to be gross and a waste of the day, but my body needed it and I finally felt better and less nauseous. Lizzie and I walked to Goodwill (another haul will be coming this week!) because it was so sunny out. When the sun is out and the temperature is above 50 in Amherst, you take advantage of the day. (Me saying that after saying I slept until almost 3… anyway). I am so excited about this wicked cute small bag I got for the future thrift adventures!! 

The rest of the weekend flew by as it tends to. We played Fairfield on Saturday afternoon in the strangest weather conditions. One moment it was pouring rain, the next it was sunny and pleasant, and then there was lightning and the game got cut short. We won 2-1 and played about 3 ¼ quarters. Sunday, I spent most of the day in the library reviewing for my math exam.

Oh what a week. Hopefully, all the sickness and viruses are behind me. This week was a week for listening to my body and attempting to catch up on the rest it needed. Being sick at college is definitely an experience and for sure a universal one. It’s essential to focus on what your body is asking for and treating it correctly to heal quickly and completely. Sunny days are ahead!! Sending sunshine and sparkly days!!!



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Red (Taylor’s Version) https://open.spotify.com/album/6kZ42qRrzov54LcAk4onW9

Game Day!!
Finally sunny days

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