Easter 2022 Essentials

Happy Sunday and sorry for such a late post today! This last week has been an absolute whirlwind and I am finally recovering from the stomach bug. There’s nothing quite like being sick and missing your own bed and house during college. However, we are moving forward, feeling better, and ready to make the rest of the week amazing!

This week I bring to you my Easter essentials. I absolutely love Easter from all the pastels, to brunch, to the Lilly Pulitzer, and to the fact it is finally spring. Strangely, Easter will always remind me of my sophomore year lacrosse season. We usually have brunch with my cousins every year!

  1. Lilly Pulitzer

Honestly, as expected. You all know I love my Lilly!! But, there’s nothing like Lilly Pulitzer on Easter Sunday. My favorite are the shift dresses!!

  1. Jack Rogers

Along the lines of Lilly Pulitzer, Jack Rogers are an Easter essential. Especially the combination paired together! I just bought new light blue ones that I cannot wait to wear with…

  1. White jeans

So it goes (sorry had to throw in a quick Taylor reference) the old time rule that you can only wear white jeans between memorial day and labor day has passed. I am living for the look of white jeans with cute sandals (Jack Rogers) and a bright top!

  1. Peeps

Pure sugar. I know. I absolutely love peeps and I will take any opportunity to eat them and not feel guilty about it. Pink is my fav!!

  1. Brunch.

I’ll be honest, I am not a huge breakfast girl. Obviously my iced coffee, but beyond that I don’t usually do breakfast. College has made me become more of a brunch person. But, Easter=brunch and that’s that. Fruit, bacon, iced coffee, the whole nine yards. 

I hope you all had an amazing weekend!! Leave some of your Easter essentials below!! Manifesting positivity!



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