A Week In The Life 3/21/22

Another week of March is already gone! This month is flying by! It was a week back on the grind, but I enjoy being back. Sadly, all my memories from one year ago today are of me and my cousins in Florida. What I would give to be eating sliced fruit by the pool in the morning sun right now. 

This week definitely took a toll on my body and my mind and I took a lot of naps this week. Starting my day at 6am sometimes makes me very tired by​​ the time it is 3pm. Unfortunately, this week I ran out of my dining dollars which means no more free coffees. I have been trying to make more coffee from my room using my Keurig and Marylou’s pods. I also tried a salted caramel mocha syrup with some of the dining hall coffee. Nothing compares to a coffee you buy though…

The biggest thing on my plate this week was my econ exam. I felt so much more relaxed once I passed it in on Friday afternoon. Also, in my education and film class this week we watched the movie Walkout which was a moving film. We have an exam week coming up for that class. 

The song of the week this week was Wake Up by Mac Miller. Just a good song to listen to while doing my makeup or walking to class. As for other media this week, I’ll be honest I haven’t been reading. But, I have been watching Dateline 20/20 true crime documentaries. When I am home sometimes I watch them on cable TV but lately I’ve just been watching from my computer. I had to cancel my HBO Max subscription because now that Euphoria is over, I don’t really use it. Prior to Euphoria, I had been watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix so I may find myself finishing that. 

On Saturday we had our first outdoor spring game against Boston University. It was an exciting way to start the outdoor season with a 4-0 win! This upcoming weekend we have our alumni x mental health awareness game! Also we have a spring formal coming up for Women in Business!

Some weeks are built to prepare you for the next one. It’s always difficult to come off of a vacation and get back into the grind of real life. This week was a successful catch up week and it also felt so good to be back with my friends from school. I cannot believe there are only around five weeks left of freshman year. Love every moment in the moment! Sending love!



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Dateline 20/20 https://abc.com/shows/2020

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